INFOGRAPHIC: The ULTIMATE Thank You for Nonprofits

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Posted May 26, 2015 by Allison Gauss

Properly thanking supporters is a fundamental part of great donor stewardship. Sending a sincere thank you letter shows donors that their gift has been noticed and appreciated. Not only that, your thank you message is a chance to deliver the warm feelings of goodwill that drive people to give.


But not all thank yous are created equal. From the choice between direct mail and email to the tone of your message, there are best practices to guide development professionals. We’ve gathered all the most important details in this Ultimate Thank You for Nonprofits infographic. Read on to learn how to deliver a thank you message that leaves donors feeling appreciated and impressed.


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With new campaigns and new donors arriving every year, saying “thank you” is a continuous process for nonprofit organizations. Take time to examine your organization’s thank you letters to find areas for improvement and personalization. When it comes to donor stewardship, thanking donors should be one of your highest priorities. A donor who feels valued and engaged by a nonprofit is more likely to give in the future.


Saying “thank you” isn’t just being polite, it’s investing in your relationships with donors.

Turn New Donors Into Lifelong Supporters

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  • acmaurer

    What great advice! In their haste to raise large sums of money, organizations break these rules all the time.

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