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10 Amazing Nonprofits to Follow on Instagram


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Published February 21, 2023 Reading Time: 5 minutes

Illustrating the impact of social good is where nonprofits shine on Instagram.

More than two billion active monthly users head to Instagram multiple times every day to learn, get inspired, and engage with communities that were once out of reach.(1) It’s why this photo and video-sharing app is one of the most popular social networking services on the market.

On top of its photo-editing appeal, Instagram’s shareability across multiple networks has made it a dynamic social media marketing tool for nonprofit organizations. Because younger people use Instagram heavily, this social network can be a great way to connect with Gen Z and Millennial supporters.

Below are 10 nonprofit Instagram accounts to follow that creatively and effectively represent with a refreshing social media strategy.

What Helps the Best Nonprofits on Instagram Stand Out?

While the list of social media examples and tips is expansive for nonprofit marketing today, here’s a brief checklist to recap what matters most when building your community on Instagram.

  • Set up an Instagram business account: Take advantage of metrics and opportunities for growth that come with a business profile vs. a private one
  • Use Instagram stories, reels, and lives: Create a mix of live videos, engaging posts, and real-time updates that the algorithm loves
  • Take advantage of features: Use the Instagram donate button and donation stickers to create high-quality and high-converting content
  • Use hashtags thoughtfully: Focus on a set of 5-7 hashtags that represent your organization and mission to help you reach your niche audience
  • Highlight online fundraising opportunities: Feature your donation page or online fundraising events right from your page for a clear, next-action step
  • Build a meaningful content strategy: Think about the way each post you put into the world works together to tell a story and demonstrate nonprofittransparency
  • Lean on influencers and partnerships: Extend your social media strategy with other accounts to speak on your behalf and advocate for your cause

Cool Nonprofits on Instagram to Follow

1. charity: water

The @charitywater Instagram account documents the organization’s efforts to provide a higher quality of life through clean drinking water. We love how the nonprofit’s photos share the direct results of its programs through the faces of those helped by its fundraising efforts. Instagram page visitors also get to see the areas that benefit from their ongoing support and feel a connection to the cause in an entirely new way.

Leaning into the power of emotion, the charity: water Instagram account uses various formats to reach more viewers. The team creates thoughtful reels, carousel posts, and story highlights that make a strong first impression, such as the following reel that remains pinned to the top of its grid to pull in  its target audience.

Watch the Reel

2. World Central Kitchen

The @wckitchen Instagram account consistently shares content demonstrating the scale of particular challenges the nonprofit is attempting to solve. The organization posts imagery of their work on the ground in communities around the world front and center so that with one scroll, a page visitor understands how many lives their mission impacts.

Their Instagram reels feature team members speaking directly to the camera about the urgent situations they rush to support, keeping new followers engaged and updated about what they can do to help.  Videos like the one below speak for themselves and pull a human element into social interactions with their community.

Watch the Reel

3. Pencils of Promise

The Pencils of Promise nonprofit aims to build lasting educational systems in communities throughout Laos, Nicaragua, and Guatemala. Its @pencilsofpromise Instagram account provides a great channel for learning about the organization’s campaigns and the people impacted by the cause. By posting photographs of individual children and their hopes for their futures, the organization allows you to see the actual dream your efforts will help make possible.

Pencils of Promise also has a magnetic content strategy that encourages supporters to engage with language like “raise your hand if …” or “change begins with you.” Just as critical as its heartfelt imagery is the message that comes across cohesively in every reel, post, and story, like the one below.

Watch the Reel

4. Minnesota Zoo

The @mnzoo Instagram account is full of personality, starting with each animal cared for having a moment to shine on its Instagram feed. The account invites Instagram users to participate in a community that highlights the adorable features of various animals, educates about what they need to live fulfilled and healthy lives, and features the zookeepers who dedicate their time to making it all a reality.

We love the way Minnesota Zoo has employees take over its account regularly and share how they turn donations and support into outcomes for the animals. It keeps this little series in a highlight for easy access and a welcoming way to get to know why the organization is worth following.

Watch the Reel

5. Cleveland Clinic

The @clevelandclinic Instagram profile is full of education. Every post is jam-packed with information, but the approach is entirely relatable. It’s clear that the Cleveland Clinic knows its audience and speaks directly to them in ways that boost engagement and admiration.

Reels like the one we’ve pointed out below have a way of making people feel seen and build connections that result in long-term donor loyalty.

Watch the Reel


The TWLOHA Instagram feed showcases powerful words with creative visuals. We love its approach of using soft colors to share essential messages on mental health, healing, and recovery.

On top of that, the @twloha Instagram account brings these words to life by highlighting merchandise with impactful sayings printed on the front that followers can purchase to support the cause.

Instagram will load in the frontend.

7. Oxfam America

The Oxfam America organization has spent decades working to end hunger, poverty, and social injustice on a global scale. While the @oxfamamerica Instagram account highlights campaigns and fundraisers, one of its most valuable practices has been highlighting the impact of its supporters on the ground.

Its unique use of hashtags and infographic-style posts prompt followers to initiate meaningful conversations with their networks. We love how the information is easily digestible, which you can see in the post below. This helps increase engagement levels and grow its following.

Instagram will load in the frontend.

8. Eat.Learn.Play

The @eatlearnplay Instagram account instantly creates a fun feeling for a cause near and dear to founders Stephen and Ayesha Curry. We can’t help but feel happy when seeing the colorful feed and the information it conveys in humanistic posts that bring kids to the spotlight.

Eat.Learn.Play uses Instagram story highlights to organize the three main aspects of the organization: food insecurity, education, and becoming active in the community. As supporters click on each highlight, they can learn all about the work done by such an impactful organization.

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9. Rescue City

The @rescuecity Instagram account gets the Instagram for cute—if there was one. This nonprofit lets its pups take the stage by introducing each one’s unique story. A scroll through its posts showcases the diversity of dogs that desperately need a foster home and pulls on users’ heartstrings as they watch each animal’s journey play out.

Rescue City ups the game with nonprofit influencer support from well-known names like Peter Weber of the Bachelor franchise to grow awareness that results in more animals with a safe home. That doesn’t stop them from also featuring the everyday heroes who welcome pups into their families to provide safety and love.

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10. She Recovers Foundation

The @she_recovers Instagram account speaks to women looking for empowerment on their journey to recovery. It features the organization’s blog, events, and resources for anyone to benefit right from its social feed. We love that it’s easy to feel the embrace of the founders like “Mama Dawn” with the humanistic content writing approach.

SHE RECOVERS believes each new follower should know why they matter and how their team is here to help. It’s a great way to make a powerful first impression on someone who chooses to visit the page.

Instagram will load in the frontend.

The Potential for Nonprofits on Instagram

Nonprofit organizations center on storytelling, which makes Instagram and other social media platforms the perfect tools to connect with new audiences. Just be careful to avoid comparing tactics and followers. Staying authentic to your mission and values with a consistent posting cadence is most important to reach the right people who are passionate and ready to make a difference for your cause.

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