100 Donor Survey Questions for Your Nonprofit

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Surveys stand among the strongest tools at your disposal because they can arm your nonprofit with actionable insights based on precise data from your donors. If done correctly, it only takes a few quick questions to:

  • Level-up your outreach strategy
  • Communicate more effectively with your donors
  • Build lasting relationships with your audience
  • Drive donations through hyper-targeted message and appeals

However, you only get a brief moment of someone’s time when they take your survey, so your survey questions need to be carefully planned in order to capture someone’s attention and steward them from start to finish. To help ensure you make the most of your next survey, we created 100 Donor Survey Questions.

Get Your Copy Right Now

In this guide, we’ll walk you through some high-level formatting options for your next survey, why it’s important to set specific goals before you begin, and how to provide a pleasant user experience for your audience. You’ll also receive a list of 100 example survey questions as well as eight pro tips to jumpstart your survey-engine.

Keep this guide handy to make the most out of the limited time and space you have to capture relevant data about your donors. Download 100 Donor Survey Questions now, and in no time you’ll have what you need to surface information about your donors.


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