13 Awkward Moments for Nonprofit Employees [GIFs]

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That awkward moment. It can strike at any time and any place, and sometimes it’s at work. Whether it’s an everyday office misunderstanding or something that could only happen at a nonprofit, here are 13 GIFs to remind you that you’re not the only one.

1. When your boss shoots down an idea you already started implementing.

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2. When someone says they want to donate, but that they don’t want their money to pay for your staff or operations.

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3. At the end of your annual gala, when you just want to go home but guests are lingering.

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4. When a stranger decides to give you their uninformed opinion about your cause.

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5. When you have to represent your organization at an event but you’re in way over your head.

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6. When you send an overly excited thank you and then realize the gift was in honor of a death.

7. When you trick your friends into volunteering at every event.

8. When your friends stop liking your Facebook posts because they’re all cause-related.

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 9. When someone catches you reusing kitchen and office supplies to save money.

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10. When you’re telling your friends about an awesome success in your work and burst into tears.

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11. When you run into a board member in the wild and they don’t remember you. At all.

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12. When a volunteer says they don’t like this task and they want a different one.

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13. When you run into one of your cause’s heroes.

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[Fangirls over Adam Braun]

In the end, the awkward moments are all worth it though. Every challenge, every tough conversation, every embarrassed groan, drives your organization toward achieving your mission.

Did we miss any? Leave your awkward nonprofit moment and GIF in the comments!

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