21 Twitter Feeds Nonprofit Leaders Should Follow

Twitter is a great device for connecting and communicating, but sometimes it’s best to just listen.  And if you’re listening to the right conversations, you can really learn a lot. Keeping that in mind, we’ve put together a list of twenty one great Twitter feeds for nonprofit leaders to follow. Take a look and tweet other ideas to us at @Classy.

Millennials, Technology, & Philanthropy

1. Derrick Feldmann @derrickfeldmann

Who is Derrick?
Derrick is the CEO of Achieve, which helps produce the Millennial Impact Report (a deep dive into the technological and philanthropic preferences of the younger generation).

What Derrick Tweets About: If you’re interested in the intersection of fundraising, design, and technology, then you should be following @derrickfeldmann. This feed has lots of great information for organizations that want to connect (or get better at connecting) with younger donors.

2. Social Citizen @socialcitizen

What is Social Citizen? Emily Yu at the Case Foundation leads the Social Citizens initiative, which explores how the younger generation will impact and change philanthropy.

What Social Citizen Tweets About: Following @socialcitizen will help you keep your hand on the pulse of shifting trends in philanthropy (especially as these relate to the younger generation). Sometimes funny, always interesting, and with over 330,000 followers clearly @socialcitizen is doing something right!


3. Geoff Livingston @geoffliving

Who is Geoff? Geoff is an author, public speaker, and marketing strategist, who has worked with both big businesses and nonprofits.

What Geoff Tweets About: Follow @geoffliving if you want lots of good information on marketing and messaging for your nonprofit. He’s straddled both the for-profit and nonprofit sectors, so he brings a holistic view to the table.

4. Hubspot @Hubspot

What is Hubspot? Hubspot makes inbound marketing software. Inbound marketing, is the “new” way of marketing online. Instead of interrupting people with your message you attract them with valuable content and conversations.

What Hubspot Tweets About: Hubspot creates a wealth of valuable information about all aspects of inbound marketing, including content that’s geared exclusively towards nonprofits. At the end of the day, whether you’re a for-profit, nonprofit, or something else, there’s always great information for improving your marketing put out by @HubSpot.

Social Entreprenuership

5. Ashoka @Ashoka & Ashoka Changemakers @Changemakers

What is Ashoka? Since 1980 Ashoka has been focused on finding and investing in talented social entrepreneurs to help create sustainable change.

What Ashoka Tweets About: Interested in social entrepreneurship, scaling impact, and creative approaches to solving social issues? @Ashoka is good choice for you.

6. The Grameen Foundation @GrameenFdn

What is the Grameen Foundation? The Grameen Foundation is the earliest player in the micro-finance space, working across the globe to replace poverty with economic opportunity.

What does Grameen Foundation Tweet About: @GrameenFdn provides lots of great news and information on the issue of global poverty. The focus is on how technology, innovation, and economic opportunity are being leveraged to address this issue.

7. B Lab @BCorporation

What is B Lab? B Lab is a nonprofit organization that certifies businesses as “B-corps” and advocates for legislation formalizing the B-corporation in more jurisdictions.

What does B Lab Tweet About: @BCorporation provides a window into the changing face of business. If you’re interested in the intersection of business and social goals, then this is a great feed to follow.

8. Kiva @Kiva

What is Kiva? Kiva is probably the most recognized player in the microfinance space; they leverage their online platform to connect people in third-world countries with micro-lenders to help foster development and alleviate poverty.

What Kiva Tweets About: One of the most interesting things about following @Kiva, is getting to see the individual stories of people around the world that have been impacted by micro-loans. If you want to stay up to date on what’s happening in micro-finance, then @Kiva is right for you.

9. Leila Janah @leila_c

Who is Leila? Leila is the founder of Samasource, a nonprofit that connects women and youth living in poverty around the world to dignified work on the Internet.

What Leila Tweets About: @leila_c is a young leader and social entrepreneur. The nonprofit she founded, Samasource, is proving that people living in the third world can be effective workers in the information economy. Follow @leila_c to stay up to date on her efforts and for other news on technology and poverty.

Management & Leadership

10. Harvard Business Review @HarvardBiz

What is Harvard Business Review? The Harvard Business Review puts out insightful pieces on business leadership, innovation, and management.

What the Harvard Business Review Tweets About: The essentials of good leadership and management transcend organizational form. You’ll find plenty of great content from @HarvardBiz on management, leadership, and a whole lot more.

11. Center for Social Innovation at Stanford @SocInnovators

What is the Center for Social Innovation? The Center for Social Innovation is a part of the Stanford Graduate School of Business; it aims to educate leaders capable of solving the world’s toughest problems.

What the Center for Social Innovation Tweets About: @SocInnovators does a really great job of curating content applicable to those seeking to become leaders and change agents. Aspiring social entrepreneur? Established nonprofit leader? Follow @SocInnovators either way.

Sector News and Trends

12. Fast Company Co.Exist @FastCoExist

What is Fast Company’s Co.Exist? Co.Exist publishes on a range of topics from energy and the environment to health and technology.

What Co.Exist Tweets About: @FastCoExist puts out a range of valuable and interesting content. It’s not the most non-profit centric source on this list, but the topics put out by @FastCoExist are generally in the cause/technology universe. And their content is always fun and informative.

13. The Chronicle of Philanthropy @Philanthropy
What is The Chronicle of Philanthropy? The Chronicle is a news source dedicated to coverage of the nonprofit space.

What Chronicle of Philanthropy Tweets About: Chronicle is very much a daily for the nonprofit industry. If you follow @Philanthropy you will get a wide range of news and content tailored to NPOs—everything from the implications current political discussions might have on the sector, to tips for using social media for your nonprofit.

14. Independent Sector @IndSector

What is Independent Sector? Independent Sector is a leadership network for nonprofits, foundations, and corporate giving programs.

What Independent Sector Tweets About: Although Independent Sector is not a news outfit per se, @IndSector does a great job curating a variety of relevant news for nonprofits. If you’re looking to get a wide range of news for nonprofits from a variety of sources, this is a great feed to follow.

15. Stanford Social Innovation Review @SSIReview

What is the Stanford Social Innovation Review? The Stanford Social Innovation Review covers everything from business and social entrepreneurship to philanthropy and nonprofits.

What Stanford Social Innovation Review Tweets About: @SSIReview pumps out a lot of really great content for nonprofits. They have lots of writers with serious academic chops, and their content reflects that fact. Multi-part series and in-depth pieces are just some of the gems you can find here.

16. PhilanTopic @pndblog

What is Philantopic? Philantopic is an opinion and commentary blog that weighs in on the changing face of philanthropy.

What Philantopic Tweets About: @pndblog has a lot of great news about different foundations and grant opportunities. This feed also does a really nice job curating a variety of content (npo news, job openings, etc.) from different sources.

Nonprofits & Data


17. Lucy Bernholz @p2173

Who is Lucy Bernholz? Lucy is a Ph.D. and self declared “philanthropy wonk” that writes and speaks about the nonprofit industry.

What Lucy Tweets About: If you’re interested in the importance of data in the social sector, then @p2173 is a great feed for you. There’s also a variety of other great content in this feed that is catered towards a nonprofit audience.

18. The Center for Effective Philanthropy @CEPData

What is the Center for Effective Philanthropy? The Center for Effective Philanthropy provides foundations and other major funders with comparative data so they can improve their performance.

What the Center for Effective Philanthropy Tweets About: There’s a great variety of nonprofit content in this feed, but @CEPData likes to highlight news about impact investing and data.

19. The Center for High Impact Philanthropy @ImpactSP2

What is the Center for High Impact Philanthropy? Housed at the University of Pennsylvania, the Center for High Impact Philanthropy provides independent analysis and education for donors concerned with maximizing the impact of their funds.

What the Center for High Impact Philanthropy Tweets About: @ImpactSP2 has some great information on how data can be leveraged to evaluate impact. There’s also plenty of other news and interesting content covering various topics in the world of philanthropy.

Foundation Leaders & Grants

20. Bill & Melinda Gates @BillGates @MelindaGates

Who are the Gates? You should know this one.

What do they Tweet About: There’s lots of great stuff in these two feeds. There’s plenty of news about poverty, child hunger, and educational initiatives. Plus, it never hurts to stay on top of what two of the world’s biggest philanthropists are up to.

21. Foundation Center @fdncenter

What is the Foundation Center? The Foundation Center is a nonprofit that maintains an online directory of foundations and grant opportunities for other nonprofits.

What the Foundation Center Tweets About: If you want to stay up to date on the latest grant opportunities, learn more about grant writing, and discover new foundations then @fdncenter is the right feed for you.

Need more? Add these to your following list too!

Event 360 @event360

Robert Wood Johnson Foundation @RWJF

Knight Foundation @knightfdn

Case Foundation @CaseFoundation

Beth Kanter @kanter

Rosetta Thurman @rosettathurman

Young Nonprofit Professionals Network @ynpn

Michael Chatman @michaelchatman

Dan Blakemore @dan_blakemore

Claire Diaz-Ortiz @Claire

Lisa Williams @lisawilliams

Howard Lake @howardlake

Rockefeller Foundation @RockefellerFdn

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