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3 Ways to Prevent Fundraiser Fatigue During Your Peer-to-Peer Campaign


By Contributing Author

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The key to online fundraising success during an online peer-to-peer campaign is to support and engage your fundraisers.

But it can be tough to know how much communication is too much. Going radio silent isn’t good, but you don’t want to bombard your fundraisers with updates and risk tiring (or worse—annoying!) them either. That’s called fundraiser fatigue, and it can happen.

The trick is to find balance in the frequency, value, and tone of your communications.

Doing so will help you keep fundraisers updated on campaign progress, equip them with the tools they need, and connect them to your cause.


You want to contact fundraisers frequently enough for them to keep your fundraising campaign top of mind, but not so much that they think, “Not again!” Here’s a quick cheat sheet to help you find balance.

Be sure to modify this communications schedule based on length of your nonprofit’s campaign, whether you’re offering a matching challenge (which may require more frequent updates) and any feedback you get from fundraisers.

Upraise Consulting Frequency Chart


Never send an email just to send an email. Every email should align with the overall strategy; each one should serve a purpose. You want to offer fundraisers a valuable nugget of information (e.g., campaign update on total amount raised or a matching challenge has been launched) or resource (e.g., a fundraising toolkit or sample appeal email for them to deploy to their friends and family) in every email, and on the occasional social post.

If fundraisers feel your communications are valuable, they’ll be more likely to read, engage with, and appreciate the content, thereby preventing fundraiser fatigue.

Tone and Message

It’s important to praise and encourage your organization’s fundraisers. They’re doing a selfless thing to support your cause, and they deserve to be applauded for all of their efforts.

That’s why you want to find balance between words of encouragement and the “asks” you present. Before you ask your fundraisers to reach out to their networks with another appeal, tell your supporters what a great job they’re doing and how much you appreciate their hard work. Also remember to send them updates on your campaign to prove the impact they’re making.

Here’s a sample email flow you can follow:

  • Custom Greeting
  • Words of Encouragement: “You’re doing an incredible job fundraising, but most importantly, thank you!”
  • Campaign Update: “Together, we’ve raised $X,XXX—60% of the $XX,XXX we need to…”
  • Impact Statement: “That will provide…”
  • Ask: “We have just six days left to raise the remaining 40% of our goal, and with your help, we know it’s possible. You’ve reached out to your friends and family to support you, but here’s a sample email to follow up with those who haven’t donated yet. We’ve also attached a graphic you can post on your Facebook page to update your supporters on the campaign.”
  • Close: “We sincerely appreciate all of your efforts!”

Avoiding fundraiser fatigue is not an exact science. Every campaign will be different. Finding balance in the frequency, value, and tone of your communications can help you engage fundraisers with the “just right” amount of messaging.

Matt Scott is the Chief Development Officer at CauseMic, Classy’s first Certified Strategic Partner in the nation. With Matt’s leadership, CauseMic has raised more than $6 million for their nonprofit clients on the Classy platform. Contact Matt on Twitter at @Cause_Mic to learn how CauseMic can help you raise money and awareness online.

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