5 Consumer Trends to Watch This Year-End [WEBINAR]

2 min

There are a myriad of factors that impact an individual’s decision to donate to a nonprofit, but as we approach the lucrative year-end giving season we want to identify the key motivators that impact charitable giving. To achieve this, we went straight to the source and commissioned our second annual consumer survey on year-end giving. 

With the results, we created Why America Gives 2019: How current events, technology, and seasonality impact donor plans. The report explores consumer giving behaviors, attitudes, and motivations that can impact an individual’s decision to give. 

To dig even deeper into this year’s insights, we hosted a webinar that discusses five consumer giving trends from this year’s report. Then, we’ll share tangible ways your nonprofit team can use the data to up-level your year-end strategy.

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Watch the recording to learn about the trends from this year, how the data changed year over year, and tips for a data-driven approach to your nonprofit marketing strategy. 

You’ll get answers to questions like:

  • Are Americans planning to give more or less on Giving Tuesday this year?
  • Will the 2020 election impact giving plans?
  • Did the recent tax law changes influence individual giving?
  • Which channels do consumers prefer to make donations through?
  • Are consumers loyal to the nonprofits they support?

Use these learnings to help prepare your team for Giving Tuesday, year-end, and beyond.

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