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5 Nonprofits That Make Clean Water A Global Reality

On March 22nd, people around the world will observe World Water Day. In light of the 2015 theme—“water and sustainable development”—the global community is using the hashtag #wateris to spread the word about the importance of clean water. At Classy, we believe #wateris transformative. It revolutionizes the health and future of entire societies.

For that very reason, many nonprofits have committed to bringing clean water solutions to global communities. With World Water Day right around the corner, it would only be appropriate to highlight a few organizations that have taken up the worthy cause as their own. Here are five nonprofits that are moving the needle on the issue, and whose campaigns are shedding light on the need for clean water around the world.


Mission: is an organization committed to ending the clean water crisis in developing countries. Water Organization

Campaign: This World Water Day, the organization and its community are celebrating not just a day, but a life of generosity. By joining their recurring giving campaign, the Generous Society, you can join a special tier of supporters dedicated to providing and maintaining a clean supply of water for Ugandan communities.

As a member of the Generous Society, you gain unparalleled access to the organization’s fieldwork, including monthly updates from the ground, GPS coordinates of all wells funded by the Generous Society, photos of the wells and their impact, and additional project and community information. Water Organization

Learn more about the Generous Society.

2. The Thirst Project

Mission: By educating and reaching out to students, the Thirst Project aims to educate and motivate young people to dissolve the global water crisis.

Thirst Project Water Organization

Campaign: The Thirst Project’s Dirty Little Secret campaign is raising awareness of the fact that millions of people don’t have access to clean water. To participate in this month-long initiative, take a selfie with a dirty water bottle and upload it to Instagram. Make sure to use the campaign hashtag, “#thirstproject.”

Snapping a selfie will not only advance a worthy cause, but it can also win you an exciting prize too. Sponsored by Follett Higher Education Group, the participant with the most likes will win a trip to the 6th Annual Thirst Gala at the Beverly Hilton in Los Angeles.

Visit the campaign site for more information—including the recipe to make your own Dirty Little Secret water bottle.

3. Blood:Water

Mission: Blood:Water is a nonprofit that partners with African grassroots organizations to bring clean water and HIV/AIDS support to one million people in 11 countries.

Campaign: For their Save a Drink, Save a Life campaign, Blood:Water is raising money so that more than 2,000 people in southern Rwanda can gain access to clean water. Get involved, and you can help cut down the number of miles people walk everyday to reach water.

To participate, give up your favorite beverage until Easter, or you can partake in a one-day water-only challenge on World Water Day. Drink only water for one day, and give your collected funds to support water projects in three Rwandan villages.

Check out the Save a Drink campaign site to learn more about how one drink can transform another person’s life.

4. Splash

Mission: Splash is an organization that works with foreign governments and builds local businesses to create scalable, sustainable safe water projects in vulnerable cities.

Splash Water Organization

Campaign: This World Water week, Splash is launching their peer-to-peer fundraising campaign, Clean Water for Kids. In line with their organizational mission, the campaign will create safe water solutions for children living in urban poverty.

The funds raised will go toward using technology, durable materials, and local business models to create reliable, sustainable water sources for underserved cities. After cleaning the water, Splash provides hygiene and sanitation education for children and local organizations, so that water projects continue to have a lasting impact on the entire community.

Learn more about Splash’s mission and campaign.


Mission: Lifewater International is a faith-based organization dedicated to effectively serving vulnerable children and families with safe water, sanitation, and hygiene.

Lifewater Water Organization

Campaign: To celebrate World Water Day, the organization is hosting their Walk 4 Water event in San Luis Obispo on March 21. This walk will raise money in an effort to minimize the distance women and children need to go to collect water.

This year, participants will help provide clean drinking water to 2,500 people in southern Ethiopia. You can participate by signing up to walk or fundraise, sharing about Lifewater on social media, or donating to another walker’s campaign.

Learn more about how you can get involved in the Walk 4 Water initiative.

If you need ideas on how to celebrate World Water Day, this is a good place to start. These organizations and their campaigns are pushing the envelope to bring safe water to communities everywhere. Join in the global celebration today.

  • Natalie Freitas

    Great! Thank you for sharing! My personal favorite is:

    • Elizabeth Chung

      Thanks for reading, Natalie! And thanks for sharing, this organization looks great!

  • Jeremy

    Thanks Elizabeth! Great recommendations! I’m currently researching organizations that are building wells in remote areas and need solar-powered pumps to drop down them. We are a young team of passionate solar and water enthusiasts at trying to find people in this world that we can benefit from our easy-to-install solar well kits. Any advice on where else to look for nonprofits would be really helpful. Thanks again for the great post Elizabeth!

  • Thank you for sharing this list of non-profits. It’s good to know which organizations we can support to fight for clean drinking water.

    • Elizabeth Chung

      Glad you enjoyed, Katy! Thanks for reading.

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