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5 Nonprofit Organizations That Make Clean Water a Global Reality

By Contributing Author
African Kids Drinking Water

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In 1992, the United Nations General Assembly adopted a resolution that March 22 would be observed as World Water Day to raise awareness and take action against the world water crisis. Today, 2.2 billion people still don’t have access to safe drinking water and by 2050, up to 5.7 billion people could face water scarcity for at least one month out of the year.

Water revolutionizes the health and future of entire societies, and for that very reason, many nonprofits have committed to bringing clean water solutions to global communities. To celebrate World Water Day, we highlight a few organizations that have taken up the worthy cause as their own. Here are five nonprofits that are moving the needle on the issue, and whose campaigns are shedding light on the need for clean water around the world.


Mission: is an organization committed to ending the clean water crisis in developing countries.

By empowering and equipping individuals through the spirit of generosity, we help them become self-sufficient and inspire in them the same spirit of helping their neighbor; ultimately paying it forward. We believe that generosity changes people, and changes the world. Our goal is to move from a place where communities rely upon us, to a place where communities utilize the tools we provide to become proud and progressive stewards of their own destiny. Our dream is to make our role obsolete. That’s how we change the world. has completed more than 800 water projects to date, and they have their eyes set on 1,000 projects as their next milestone. To put that in perspective, their work has helped 500,000 people in 20 countries get access to clean water.

2. Pure Water for the World

Mission: Focusing on communities in Central America and the Caribbean, Pure Water for the World provides children and families with the tools and education to develop sustainable water, hygiene, and sanitation solutions.

pure water for the world

If you’re looking for a water organization to fundraise for on behalf of World Water Day, check out Pure Water for the World. We love how they directly connect fundraising dollars to impact. This immediately helps potential supporters see how their donation or peer-to-peer fundraising campaign will make a difference for the people they serve.

A $250 donation provides a family with a latrine and for every $300 raised, an entire family receives an in-home BioSand water filtration system, essential safe water, hygiene and sanitation training, and monitoring by the Pure Water for the World team to ensure the family is equipped to break the waterborne illness cycle.

3. Blood:Water

Mission: Blood:Water is a nonprofit that partners with African grassroots organizations to bring clean water and HIV/AIDS support to one million people in 11 countries.

kiddo blood:Water campaign

2020 Campaign: To mobilize their supporters, Blood:Water launched an online fundraising platform specifically for a younger KIDDO who wants to make a difference. With an emphasis on creative fundraising methods and an achievable $40 goal, this campaign is looking outside of the normal donor base and encouraging a new generation to act with impact in mind. What’s more is that Roosevelt Coffeehouse has committed to match the donation of the first 125 KIDDOs to fundraise $40, so each young fundraiser will impact twice as many children in need.

blood water charity

For the big kids who want to show their support for a water charity, Blood:Water is selling a “Water Box” filled with treats from social good brands like Cause Roast and The Created Co. Each box sold provides clean water for two people for a month.

4. Water for Good

Mission: Water for Good works with communities in the Central African Republic to establish sanitation best practices, improve agriculture, and empower people to create sustainable clean water access.

water for good graphic
Credit: Water for Good

Water for Good focuses their efforts in the Central African Republic, one of the most underdeveloped countries. To empower underserved communities with clean water access, they connect communities to locally-owned water businesses, a supply of spare parts, and government oversight. They report that over 90% of their water projects are functional and you can even get a live view of their impact through an interactive Google map which shows all the status of all the pumps they have provided.

5. Hope of Life International

Mission: Hope of Life International is a faith-based organization dedicated to effectively serving vulnerable children and families in Guatemala.

hope of life international clean water story

Using storytelling best practices, Hope of Life International uses video and images to supplement their beneficiary stories that outline how their efforts and the support of their community can prevent deaths due to diseases like typhoid and cholera. They drive home the importance of each donation with the message that it only takes one dollar to provide a child with clean water for a year.


If you need ideas on how to celebrate World Water Day, this is a good place to start. These organizations and their campaigns are pushing the envelope to bring safe water to communities everywhere. Join in the global celebration and help raise awareness today.

This post was originally published in March 2015 and has been updated with recent examples.


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