5 Questions to Ask Yourself about your End of Year Fundraising Campaign

Guest post by Amanda Luther. Amanda is a consultant with Charity Dynamics, a leading digital marketing and fundraising agency for nonprofit organizations.

Even if you are rolling your eyes in anticipation of the pumpkins, turkeys and snowflakes that will soon be gracing storefront windows, it isn’t too early to start planning your end of year fundraising campaign. In fact, with around 1/3 of annual charitable donations coming in December alone, this is an extremely important (and lucrative) time of year for most nonprofits.

It’s never too early to start the planning process, so with that in mind, Charity Dynamics has teamed up with StayClassy to create a great new informational webinar, full of best practices you can use to make your holiday fundraising campaign a success!

As you develop your end of year campaign, be sure to ask yourself and your team these five questions:

1. What story do you want to tell your supporters?

Storytelling is the heart of any good fundraising strategy. Your mission, the impact you create, the people you help, the supporters you rely on, and the team that makes it happen can all be great sources content. The specific story you wish to tell is up to you!

2. How are you going to tell it?

Not all marketing channels are created equal. By coming up with consistent themes in your messaging, and tailoring it to the specific delivery methods you choose, you’ll create synergies that boost awareness between channels, and ultimately make your holiday campaign more successful.

3. Who should hear it?

Taking a “shotgun” approach to marketing may work for some (or appear to work for lack of evidence to the contrary), but you can get A LOT more “bang for your buck” by taking a more surgical approach. Identifying segments of supporters and marketing to them in specific ways that appeal to them will pay big dividends over the course of your campaign.

4. When should they hear it?

With marketing, as with life, timing is everything. How you plan and schedule your campaign marketing messages has a lot to do with your ultimate success or failure. Create a coherent storyline, or theme, for your communications, and inspire supporters to contribute to the cause.

5. How will you measure campaign success?

Just because the money is in the bank, doesn’t mean your job is over. Measuring success is crucial to year-over-year improvement and growth. What does success mean for your organization, and how will you carry the holiday momentum into the new year to maximize value in the long-term?

Our webinar, “Best Practices for Holiday Fundraising” will walk you through each of these questions, provide tips and ideas, and explore creative ways you can ensure a successful and prosperous holiday fundraising season. Please join us!


Photo Credit: Flickr User Jack Zalium

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