5 Ways Classy Can Take Your Online Fundraising to the Next Level

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With the rise of online fundraising as a top nonprofit trend, more and more nonprofits are searching for an online fundraising platform to help them succeed.

According to a recent report by Software Advice, a nonprofit technology firm, 99 percent of nonprofit professionals say that fundraising software positively affects the amount of donations they receive. Fifty six percent say their organizations plan to spend more on new software and upgrades this year. These numbers come as no surprise, considering a nonprofit’s fundraising platform directly impacts the giving experience and online fundraising community it aims to build.

Since launching in 2011, Classy has empowered over a million people across hundreds of thousands of fundraising campaigns to raise money for social good organizations. Whether they’re looking to launch peer-to-peer fundraising campaigns, event registrations, or website donations, nonprofits can leverage the all-in-one fundraising solution to revolutionize the way they raise money and increase their impact.

To paint a better picture, we’ve rounded up five ways Classy can modernize your fundraising process and help you reach your fundraising goals.

1. Optimized Mobile Experience

It has never been more important to provide an excellent mobile experience for your supporters. With 66 percent of emails being opened on a mobile device, chances are that supporters will respond to an email appeal straight from their smartphone or tablet.

Despite these numbers, a study by Dunham+Company and Next After found that 84 percent of nonprofit landing pages are not optimized for mobile devices. This increases the likelihood of a mobile user abandoning your page altogether.

To capture mobile donations, your online fundraising platform should enable your donation checkout page to adapt to smaller screen sizes. With this in mind, Classy offers responsive donation pages that format properly across devices.

online fundraising platform

Not only are donation pages and fundraiser sign-up forms functional on any device, but they’re easy to navigate too. Clean, simple design makes the checkout process straightforward, so supporters know exactly what to do next and remain engaged. By offering mobile-ready forms, you make it easy for your supporters to give a gift or sign up to fundraise, wherever they are.

online fundraising platform

2. Customizable, Branded Solution

Today, having clean, sophisticated web design can directly affect your organization’s chances of success. The overall style and layout of your website can impact people’s perceptions of your brand and its credibility. In fact, one study found that 94 percent of the factors that cause visitors to reject or mistrust a site are design-related.

At Classy, we believe that every nonprofit should be empowered with beautiful and intuitive web design, no matter its size or budget. They should also be able keep their campaign pages and donation forms true to their own brand identity. That’s why the Classy platform gives organizations the ability to control the overall look and feel of their campaigns. From a tailored URL, to customizable copy, background, logo, color scheme, and images, you can design and put together a unique campaign all on your own, in a manner of minutes.

online fundraising platform

This level of personalization allows you to carry your organization’s branding elements across campaign pages. With these capabilities, nonprofits can create a well-designed giving experience for their fundraising community.

3. Unlimited Campaigns and Donation Forms

Custom donation forms are an important tool to increase conversion rates and grow your online fundraising efforts. For instance, when a donation form is customized for specific campaign appeals, it allows you to keep your messaging consistent and minimizes a supporter’s chances of second-guessing their donation. By creating this consistency from ask to donation form, you can help sustain the emotional momentum that motivated a donor to give to a specific campaign in the first place.

To create these segmented flows, every Classy Pro and Enterprise account offers an unlimited number of donation forms, event registration forms, and campaigns. Whether you’re running a year-round fundraising program, run/walk event, or recurring giving campaign, you can create custom checkout forms for each initiative. By tailoring the messaging on each donation form to refer specifically to each donor segment, you can create a personalized giving experience that moves people to take action.

Take this example from CoachArt, an organization dedicated to improving the quality of life for chronically ill children and their families. To fund its recurring giving program, the nonprofit uses Classy to create customized donation pages with messaging tailored to monthly donors. This unique checkout experience demonstrates that the organization sets apart supporters who choose to play an ongoing role in its work.

online fundraising platform

4. All-in-One Management for You and Your Staff

Managing a campaign is easiest when you can access all of your tools and applications in one place. Classy’s Charity Admin dashboard houses your entire management system under one roof. From campaign management and reporting, all the way down to individual account access, you can operate the different facets of your fundraising campaigns from one dashboard. The Classy Resource Center is also integrated into the Admin area, so you can easily access our latest guides, blog posts, and webinars on fundraising best practices and trends.

online fundraising platform

And you don’t have to be an engineer to make your campaign happen. The simple, intuitive design of your Charity Admin makes it easy to navigate between features and tasks, making it easy for you to efficiently run and administer your fundraising initiatives.

5. Invested Customer Support

online fundraising platform

As much as software can impact your fundraising success, nothing beats real support from real people. Classy’s customer support is dedicated to helping nonprofits achieve online fundraising success. From an extensive onboarding process, to chat, email, and phone support, the Classy Customer Success team provides the guidance necessary to ensure organizations feel comfortable using the tool sets available on the platform. Every client question receives a response within the hour.

Perhaps more importantly, the Classy team is committed to increasing your organization’s impact. In addition to in-depth articles, guides, and webinars, the online fundraising platform offers a strategy team dedicated to helping organizations carry out their work. From client onboarding to campaign execution, organizations receive the personal attention and service they need to achieve fundraising success.

Your online fundraising solution is a critical factor of your organizational growth. Whether you’re launching a specific project, year-round initiative, website donations, or event registrations, it’s important to leverage a platform that can steer your organization to fundraising success. Learn more about Classy’s plans and pricing here.

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