The 5K Training Plan Your Event Participants Need

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Image of runner participating in a 5k

The 5K run/walk is one of the most popular types of fundraising events for nonprofit organizations. But the financial return isn’t the only thing that makes it so effective. It’s powerful because of the way it also joins like-minded people together.

When organized effectively, running events strengthen your ties with supporters. Activist and entrepreneur Dan Pallotta speaks about the long-term benefits of endurance exercise events for donor cultivation.

“Our intention was to really create a religious-like experience,” he says. “To look at them from only the financial perspective is really missing the point.”

Event planners that seek to create a “religious experience,” as Pallotta puts it, keep the focus on the donor. This allows a 5K to take on a purpose larger than securing a one-time gift. The event becomes a piece of the donor’s relationship with your cause that can be further developed over time.

Cultivate and Engage Participants With a Training Plan

In order to create a positive experience for your participants, it’s important to provide them with tools that will set them up for success. This extra support will encourage them to recommend the event to others and participate year after year.

To save you some of this heavy lifting, we’ve created an eight-week 5K Training Plan. Your organization can distribute it to event registrants so that they can prep leading up to the big day. All you have to do is download it and add your logo. That way, it’s branded to your organization, and you’ll remain top of mind after your registrants tape it to their bathroom mirror.

The following plan was developed from over 12 years of personal running experience. Each day has a beginner-level workout, as well as a workout for intermediate runners.

This printable calendar also comes with a helpful list of tips for running success.


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