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7 of the Best Tweet Chats for Nonprofits

By Elizabeth Chung

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Nonprofit marketers have long known that Twitter and its real time capabilities make for a global conversation. But wouldn’t it be great to have even more streamlined discussions about the social sector, especially when everyone’s online at the same time?

There’s a chat for that. That’s right, a Twitter chat.

A Twitter chat (or Tweet chat) is a live Twitter conversation that is scheduled to occur at a specific time. All the individual tweets are filtered and linked by a hashtag (#) and center on a specific topic. The person or organization coordinating the chat can serve as a moderator and ask questions to incite participation.

By taking advantage of these powerful streams of discussion and learning, nonprofits can:

  • Network with other nonprofit experts and professionals in their field
  • Establish themselves as thought leaders
  • Increase awareness for their social cause
  • Gain a following on social media and build a community with like-minded individuals

To easily navigate through the world of Twitter chats, you can use tools like TweetChat, Twubs, or Nurph. All you need is the chat’s specific hashtag to view and keep up with these real-time conversations.

That being said, here are a few tweet chats for nonprofits that are worth checking out:

Twitter Chat 1: #nptalk – Nonprofit Talk

Wednesdays, 3pm EST/12pm PT

This popular Twitter chat unites and empowers leaders who are looking to further their missions through technology and social media.

Twitter Chat 2: #npcons – Nonprofit Consultants

Third Tuesday of the month, 4pm EST/1pm PT

This Twitter chat is open to consultants to nonprofits, government agencies, NGO’s, community groups, and any other organization whose primary purpose is geared towards community and social good.

Twitter Chat 3: #npmc – Nonprofit marCommunity

Last Thursday of the month, 1pm EST/10am PT

If you want to learn and talk about nonprofit marketing communications, this is the place to go. Volunteers, employees, suppliers, and anyone else involved in nonprofit messaging are welcome to join.

Twitter Chat 4: #fundchat – Fundchat

Wednesdays, 12pm EST/9am PT

A diverse group of nonprofit professionals, the fund chat community has over 450 members and discusses both the large issues and finer details of fundraising.

Twitter Chat 5: #leanimpact – Lean Impact

Wednesdays, 2pm EST/11am PT

Hosted by Lean Impact, this Twitter chat encourages participants to share their lean stories from their startups, nonprofit and social enterprises. Innovators come together to brainstorm ways to build a “create-measure-learn” cycle in their organizations for lasting success and growth.

Twitter Chat 6: #socentchat – Social Entrepreneurship

First Wednesday of the month, 4pm EST/1pm PT

This hub of social entrepreneurs goes at it monthly, discussing things like the role of tech in enhanced services, activating field workers on the ground, and improving the infrastructure of your organization.

Twitter Chat 7: #startinggood – Starting Good

Wednesdays, 6pm EST/3pm PT

Hosted by StartSomeGood, this weekly Twitter chat covers insights and strategies to successful crowdfunding for nonprofits and social enterprises.

Keep in mind that you can use the Twitter chat’s hashtag to track valuable content even outside of the scheduled chat time. Continue to follow these hashtags and sprinkle them into your own tweets to stay involved in these chat communities. Taking the time to participate in a few tweet chats can help you grow your network and develop value for your cause!

Image Credit: Garrett Heath

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