7 Ways to Engage Supporters Through Instagram Videos

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While your nonprofit may be using Instagram to share images, it’s time to start using the app’s video-sharing capabilities as well. Nonprofit videos are a staple in any effective marketing strategy, so integrating them into your Instagram feed can do wonders for engagement.

The app allows you to record and share videos up to 60 seconds in length. While this might seem like a small chunk of time, a short, creative video can go a long way toward engaging viewers and drawing them into your organization. You can also share these productions to other social networks too, instantly expanding your reach.

To give you some ideas, we’ve rounded up several nonprofit videos that are using Instagram video in a variety of creative ways.

1. Thank Your Donors

If you’re looking for a fresh way to thank your donors, you’ve downloaded the perfect app. A micro-video is the perfect tool to give a personalized thank you and deepen relationships with supporters. Check out how Team Rubicon created this animated graphic to call out individual donors across the United States. Whether you highlight one donor or 30, get creative and give a unique shout-out that makes supporters feel special.

2. Share Testimonials From Staff and Volunteers


Take a stab at filming 15-second interviews. Your subjects? The people sitting inside your office. Grab a staff member, volunteer, or intern and ask them to share about the work they do and why they do it. You can even record a series of testimonials, like what To Write Love on Her Arms does here. This is a video from their Q&A blog series, where each video shows an intern answering one question about their role. This is an excellent way to introduce the people behind your brand.

3. Promote New Incentives


Whether they’re for your online shop or next fundraising campaign, promote your new swag or incentives on Instagram to spread the word and excite supporters. Liberty in North Korea’s video does a great job of creating buzz around their brand new shop items. Note how adding some beats to your nonprofit videos can go a long way toward making them feel energetic and pumping up your viewers.

4. Highlight Fundraisers


You can use short videos to spotlight donors, but don’t forget about your individual fundraisers. Strengthen these relationships by giving them the public spotlight on your Instagram account. In this example, charity:water brings attention to a group of fundraisers diving into a campaign challenge. Highlighting supporters in this way also works to excite other potential fundraisers scrolling through your feed.

5. Promote a Campaign


Craft nonprofit videos to build anticipation for your next fundraising campaign. Showcase the impact people can help make, or record people prepping to get involved. If your campaign revolves around people participating in a specific activity, you can even list the steps people need to take, right in your video. Take a note from Movember. Here, they promote their mustache-growing campaign and its rules, so people know exactly what they need to do to get involved.

6. Broadcast a Project


A video posted by WaterAid (@wateraid) on

Use your micro-video to document the great work you do. Better yet, upload video updates of your project or initiative as it takes place. In this clip, WaterAid records initial moments as they begin digging a well. The video also captures local beneficiaries’ reactions as the project goes underway, bringing light to the impact that donors are making in people’s lives.

7. Film Your Event


A video posted by Robin Hood (@robinhoodnyc) on

When your next fundraiser rolls around, bust out your phone and record a few seconds of the event. Whether it’s a black-tie gala or 5K run/walk, filming the festivities can get both attendees and spectators jazzed up. Quick tip from Robin Hood NYC’s example: speed up your footage to show more content within the 15-second limit. It’s also a cool way to spritz up your video.

Enhance your Instagram feed with compelling nonprofit videos, and you can connect with your supporters on a new level. The tight time restraints encourage you to get creative, which in turn helps you produce engaging content. Infuse these videos into your marketing strategy and make a lasting impression on your followers.


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