8 Impactful Nonprofit Videos on Vine

Nonprofit Videos on Vine

Videos need to be part of your nonprofit’s marketing toolkit. These days, you don’t have to be Spielberg or Tarantino to craft an impactful film. Social media outlets like Vine make it easy for you to craft and share your stories through video.

Vine, a free video-sharing app owned by Twitter, allows you to film a 6-second video on your smartphone. You can then share your video with the entire Vine network, which boasts 40 million users. Not to mention, you can also cross-promote your video across your different social channels to attract more eyeballs.

More importantly, both small and large organizations can use Vine to leave a big impression on their audience. Not only can these “snackable” videos humanize your brand and express its personality, but they can leave a powerful impact on viewers in a really short amount of time. A few seconds can be all you need to elicit an emotional response.

To give you ideas for your own micro-videos, here are eight nonprofits with stellar productions on Vine.


Why not turn your micro-video into an animated masterpiece? That’s what UNICEF does with many of their Vines, including this one. But don’t assume these videos are just lighthearted sketches. The organization uses animation to depict serious issues that threaten the safety and development of children around the world. In just six seconds, the nonprofit’s creative storytelling forges an emotional connection with the viewer.

2. (RED)

Crowdsourcing content from your followers is an excellent way to engage your community on social media. That’s what (RED) accomplished by launching a social media campaign that asked supporters to create their own Vines to raise awareness of the fight against AIDS. The campaign aimed to set a world record for the most Vines posted for a social cause. To get people involved, (RED) created their own creative Vine directing supporters about how they can participate.

3. Heal the Bay

A short, quirky nonprofit video of your staff can remind supporters there are real, relatable people standing behind your organization. Check out how Heal the Bay, a nonprofit working to keep southern California’s coastal waters and watersheds clean and safe, invites supporters into an office dance party. Showing off your staff’s personality can do wonders to humanize your brand.

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4. The Keep A Breast Foundation

Even if you’re not boogying down on a Friday, consider giving supporters a peek into the day-to-day life at the office. That’s what the Keep A Breast Foundation does here. Give supporters a quick tour of your workspace to show them where all the world-changing magic happens. A Vine like this can instantly enhance viewers’ sense of access to your nonprofit.

5. American Red Cross

In the spirit of “show, don’t tell,” use your six seconds to educate supporters about what they can do to advance your cause. The American Red Cross creates Vines to show followers what they can do to prepare for all types of emergencies—such as packing an emergency car kit. Note how the organization directs viewers back to its website in the caption.

6. San Diego Zoo

Your social media posts don’t all have to be serious, or about someone in need. Weaving some lighthearted cheer into the mix can go a long way in engaging and delighting supporters. Here, the San Diego Zoo encourages viewers to have fun, with this polar bear leading the way.

7. Love146

Try using Vine to document quick snapshots of your nonprofit events to generate excitement. Love146’s video is a great example of how a short video clip of an event can inspire viewers. By demonstrating how other supporters get involved, this Vine can motivate people to join the community that is already supporting your cause.

8. City of Hope

A micro-video has the power to transport viewers straight to your work in the field. As short as a Vine is, it can still demonstrate what their donations are funding. City of Hope’s Vine takes supporters into the heart of their research labs, where scientists aim to find cures for cancer. In a series of rapid shots, this Vine brings viewers up close and personal with the work their support is making possible.

Vine is a powerful tool that can help you reach a wide online audience. It’s time to delight your supporters, and increase their affinity for your brand, by putting your video storytelling skills to work.

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