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18 Podcasts for Nonprofits You Need on Your Radar

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Published June 12, 2023 Reading Time: 8 minutes

There’s nothing like a sense of inspiration, learning, and community that great nonprofit podcasts can add to your daily routine. 

As more people enjoy the convenience of tuning into regular audio-based episodes, influencers, individual hosts, and nonprofit organizations respond with fresh content and more podcasts. In May 2023, there were over 4 million total podcasts registered around the world.1

So how do you know where to begin or what’s worth listening to? We’ve got you covered. Check out 18 of our top recommendations to add to your podcast lineup.

What Are the Benefits of Nonprofit Podcasts?

Podcasts are an invaluable tool for nonprofit professionals to identify new ways to scale their impact, grow their community of supporters, and apply new fundraising growth tactics to their strategy. Incredible resources for nonprofits exist in all forms, but a podcast is arguably the most convenient—it can accompany you on walks, car rides, workouts, and household cleaning days.

Nonprofit podcasts also reflect the current state of the nonprofit sector and keep up with timely commentary as it evolves. When you subscribe to a podcast, you have consistent access to essential conversations in real time. 

The dozen we’re about to introduce will inspire social change leaders, interesting fundraising strategies, nonprofit marketing advice, success stories from organizations like yours, and so much more.

Where to Listen

  • Apple Podcasts
  • Spotify
  • Audible
  • Google Podcasts

What Are the Top Nonprofit Podcasts?

1. Nonprofit Pulse


Nonprofit Pulse is the newest of our featured nonprofit podcasts. This show came on the scene in March 2023 and has never failed to deliver on the trends, insights, and resources we love. Nonprofit leaders won’t leave empty-handed with episodes that explore ways to achieve their missions and change the world.

Hot topics include: 

  • Team development in economic downturns
  • Experiential learning for nonprofit leaders
  • Brand-first donor cultivation strategies
  • Donor-advised funds (DAFs)
  • Nonprofit innovation

2. A Sustainable Mind


A Sustainable Mind took a master’s thesis project and turned it into a weekly podcast with leaders and fundraising experts who focus on sustainability and their responsibility to improve the Earth. And since sustainability is a hot topic across the social sector, especially if you’re an environmentally focused nonprofit, this podcast couldn’t be more relevant.

Host Marjorie Alexander brings together changemakers, campaigns, companies, and projects that inspire us all to do better for the planet while focusing on representing the voices of women and young people. 

Hot topics include: 

  • Reforestation projects
  • Development environmental education 
  • Social entrepreneurship 
  • Magazine publishing

3. Nonprofit Lowdown 


The Nonprofit Lowdown, hosted by Rhea Wong, promises fresh perspectives on the priorities top of mind for every nonprofit. Rhea reviews and recommends ideas, resources, tools, tricks, and tips that nonprofit professionals love. 

She’s often accompanied by expert guests ranging from the CEO of MarketSmart, Greg Warner, to thought leaders, like Joan Garry. There are currently over 240 episodes to enjoy with Rhea, with more dropping weekly. 

Hot topics include: 

  • AAPI leadership
  • Real estate opportunities for nonprofits
  • Grant preparation
  • Campaigns in uncertain times
  • Happiness sustainment
  • DAFs and crypto donations

4.  Nonprofit SnapCast

nonprofit-snapcast podcast

The Nonprofit SnapCast is all about simplifying nonprofit management. These interview-style podcast episodes focus on the challenges nonprofit leaders face, from how to develop a board to how to put out an eye-catching fundraiser. 

The show always seeks listener feedback and suggestions, which makes every new episode full of value. Plus, host Mickey Desai brings his unique perspective as an entrepreneur with a passion for the nonprofit world. 

Hot topics include: 

5. Tony Martignetti Nonprofit Radio 


Tony Martignetti Nonprofit Radio is here to deliver everything you need to know about navigating the common struggles of philanthropic organizations. Tony talks about board members and relationships, volunteer management, legal compliance, social media, finance, and so many other key topics. This podcast is especially valuable for small nonprofits working with a tight budget. 

Hot topics include: 

  • Equitable project management
  • Multigenerational technology teaching
  • Newsletter tactics and email accessibility
  • Digital self-care
  • Technology governance

6. The Stanford Social Innovation Review Podcast


The Stanford Social Innovation Review (SSIR) is famous across the social sector for its substantial print articles, digital posts, and webinars. The podcast also contributes to the sterling reputation SSIR has for providing informative content created by and for leaders across topics like human rights, impact investing, and nonprofit business models. Co-hosted by Eric Nee, editor-in-chief of SSIR, the podcast is a TED-style talk that seeks to educate and inspire listeners.

Hot topics include:

  • Fostering a human-centered approach to artificial intelligence
  • Debating the role of philanthropy in democracy
  • Learning how to listen to beneficiaries
  • Challenging your mindsets and behaviors
  • Developing critical skills for nonprofits in the digital age

7. Good to Growth, Nonprofit Hub Radio


The Nonprofit Hub community gives nonprofits tools and information to operate at peak performance and serve communities to the fullest. For example, the podcast aims to help organizations increase fundraising revenue, prioritize branding, and understand the power of self-investment. 

Executive director and editor Randy Hawthorne carries this mindset into podcast episodes as he dives headfirst into content designed to help you achieve new heights.

Hot topics include:

  • Leveraging the power of volunteers
  • Navigating nonprofit overhead challenges
  • Creating a conscious nonprofit
  • Hiring tips and tricks
  • Fundraising for major donations

8. The Tim Ferriss Show


The Tim Ferriss Show, often ranked as the top dog in the podcast world, welcomes high-caliber guests who may not appear relevant to an audience of nonprofit professionals at first glance. However, Ferriss is adamant about identifying, extracting, and communicating their secrets of success to his audience with the goal of providing tactics, tools, and routines to implement at any organization. 

In that light, his long-form, “raw” interviews contain countless golden nuggets for nonprofits to return to the office and increase productivity, company culture, work-life balance, and so much more.

Hot topics include:

  • Exploring the science of longevity
  • Unpacking the foundations of mental health
  • Decision-making according to great investors
  • Building habits
  • Maximizing personal productivity

9. First Day Podcast


The Indiana University Lilly Family School of Philanthropy podcast is short, sweet, and to the point. Each episode is about 10 minutes long but jam-packed with current news and research for nonprofit professionals to take their fundraising to the next level.

Hot topics include:

  • Major gift fundraising
  • Generational giving
  • High net-worth donors
  • Women and philanthropy
  • Donor relationship personalization

10. Nonprofits Are Messy, the Podcast


The Nonprofits Are Messy podcast, created by Joan Garry and her team, serves the readers of their blog. Each 40 to 50-minute episode focuses on providing deep dives into difficult topics, personal perspectives on strategies, and best practices from high-profile individuals in the social sector.

Hot topics include:

  • Learning about hybrid meeting effectiveness
  • Tackling internal conflict
  • Building vibrant volunteer communities
  • Exploring celebrity philanthropy
  • Revealing nonprofit sector trends and takeaways 

11. The Nonprofit Leadership Podcast


The Nonprofit Leadership Podcast, hosted by Dr. Rob Harter, features discussions around fundraising trends, issues, and opportunities facing today’s nonprofit professionals. The goal of this podcast is to show what it takes to be an effective nonprofit leader by sharing real-world stories and strategies from the people and organizations making a strong social impact.

Hot topics include:

  • Motivating your team 
  • Cultivating social change
  • Improving grant writing
  • Promoting mental and digital well-being
  • Fundraising solutions from leading nonprofits

12. Impact Boom


Impact Boom invites top social entrepreneurs, innovators, changemakers, designers, educators, thinkers, and doers onto the show to share their stories. Every discussion focuses on creating a lasting, positive social and environmental change. If it can help you maximize your social impact, the team will make sure you hear about it.

Hot topics include:

  • Accelerating peer-to-peer impact
  • Providing advice for impact-led entrepreneurs
  • Implementing kindness-led enterprises
  • Generating transformational growth
  • Creating mindfulness programs for marginalized people

13. RKD Group Thinkers


RKD Group Thinkers podcast is a great listen for nonprofit marketers to learn from the experience of though-provoking content and leaders across the industry. Each episode inspires strategic decisions and insights that help nonprofits get creative and break out of creative ruts with new potential. We highly recommend this five-star podcast.

Hot topics include:

  • Building fundraising habits
  • Investing in yourself
  • Equity and diversity
  • Leadership and role curiosity

14. Purpose and Profit 


The Purpose and Profit podcast is on a mission to bring out fresh ideas that fall at the intersection of causes and brands. They dig into the trends that are making a difference in both fundraising and marketing to teach you how to apply them at your organization. Head into each episode with an open mind to learn and your goals in mind to grab some valuable takeaways.

Hot topics include:

  • Innovation
  • Donor motivations
  • The changing landscape of generosity
  • Crypto fundraising

15. Go Beyond Fundraising


Go Beyond Fundraising is your front seat to conversations with forward-thinking fundraising professionals. As experts share their work to change the world through great causes, you’ll feel their passion light up and hopefully experience the same level of excitement about applying your takeaways at your organization. You can catch new episodes weekly to semi-monthly.

Hot topics include:

  • Digital fundraising trends
  • Identifying the bright spots in giving
  • The humans behind the data
  • Gen Z curiosity

16. The Smart Communications Podcast


The Smart Communications Podcast by Big Duck is a quick view into the way leaders view relationship building through impactful conversations. Grab ideas on how to reach your donors, partners, and more with this wealth of knowledge.

Hot topics include:

  • Capital campaigns communications
  • Branding best practices
  • Radical honesty

17. Missions to Movements


Missions to Movements is a podcast for motivated marketers looking to amplify their online presence with the help of host Dana Snyder of Positive Equation. Look no further for the latest topics transforming the way people market their story and relate to the supporters who matter most to drive it forward.

Hot topics include:

  • Being a fearless leader
  • Building high quality content
  • Advice for tech changes like Google Analytics

18. We Are For Good 


The We Are For Good Podcast is consistently ranked at the top of the podcast charts, recognized by ListenNotes as being in the top 1% of all podcasts internationally. The show gains over 400 episodes and 4500,000+ downloads by empowering change-makers weekly. Listeners can immerse themselves in storytelling, connection, learning moments, and inspiration that help them activate their vision.

Hot topics include:

  • Fostering personal development
  • Creating compelling donor journeys
  • Navigating seasons of change

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Article Source

  1. “Stats,” Podcast Index, accessed May 29, 2023, https://podcastindex.org/stats
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