9 Supporter Emails You Don’t Want to Receive [GIFs]

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When it comes to your nonprofit communications, email is one of the most important ways to engage with your audience. That’s because email opens up a two-way road for healthy conversations that humanize your organization, provide transparency, and connect with your supporters.

However, as with all communications, sometimes there are messages you’d rather not receive.

Here are nine GIFs that may hit close to home when it comes to off-the-wall, hilariously absurd, or head-scratching messages from supporters.

1. When you get called a robot because the code in your email blast is messed up and reads: “Hello {{FIRST NAME HERE, defaultto:”friend”}}”

2. When they let you know you forgot to include a donate button in your email appeal.

3. OR that the donate button you did include contains a broken link.

4. When they respond to a survey email with every. Single. Detail of their life.

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5. When they ask for their donation back.

6. When they set up a peer-to-peer fundraising page thinking it works like Kickstarter, so they ask when they’re getting the money that they raised.

7. When they tell you how you should be running the program, because they watched a documentary on your cause sector.  

8. When they send an angry email blaming you for all of their problems.

9. When someone asks when the tiger they virtually adopted at your auction is going to be ready for pickup.

Even if you get some oddball emails here and there, don’t be discouraged from maintaining consistent contacts with your supporters. Nonprofit communications are still a crucially important part of any successful fundraising strategy and can help drive donations, attract new supporters, and keep everyone on the same page.

Did we miss any over-the-top emails? Leave your suggestions in the comments below with a GIF!

Image Credit: Allan Rotgers 


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