23 Adorable Nonprofit Instagram Posts

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Nonprofits face some of the world’s toughest challenges. They seek out suffering, injustice, and danger to improve our world and help people lead safer, longer, and happier lives.

But they also know how to have fun.

We’ve gathered 23 inspiring, beautiful, and just plain delightful Instagram posts from some awesome organizations. If you need to turn your day around or remember all the good that people can do, you’ve come to the right place. For more images like these, follow these nonprofits on Instagram.




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So. Much. Joy.

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An 18-month old boy plays with cows. His family members are Massai pastoralists living near the Tanzanian border of Kenya. Many are now diversifying so that they grow crops as well, or are turning to farming full-time. They are also working with traditional farmers to ensure that both types of lifestyles can use the resources available without encroaching on each other’s needs for survival. Sending children to school is also becoming a priority so that they are better equipped to the changing world in the future. Oxfam partner Irrigation Water Users Association helped by constructing and repairing the 550 miles of pipes and channels that carry water from the river to 250 hectares of semi-arid land nearby. #cows #baby #cutebabay #cute #oxfam #massai

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