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office workers discussing nonprofit donor data
Business, Technology, & Operations

Do You Truly Own Your Nonprofit Donor Data?

Hear from Michael Prodor, technical engagement manager, and Wes Goldstein, director of strategic services, as they outline why it’s so important you own your own data and how you can make sure it’s truly yours.


13 Free Email Templates to Retain Donors

The donor retention email templates in this guide include sample text along with tips on cadence, timing, and who should receive each email. From messages of thanks, proper introductions, and notes “just because,” the included templates and tips will help you create a donor engagement strategy that strikes the right balance with your supporters.

Business, Technology, & Operations

3 Leadership Tips to Help Employees Avoid Burnout

See how frequently speaking with staff, encouraging time off from work, and offering competitive benefits can help prevent employee burnout at your nonprofit and keep everyone engaged and excited with their work.

Nonprofit guides

36 Free Nonprofit Resources to Bookmark

Check out our most popular guides of all time for fundraisers, marketers, and leaders. Bookmark this page so you can refer back to these resources whenever you need.


Classy’s Top 7 Nonprofit Webinars of 2018

Explore the top 7 most popular nonprofit webinars Classy hosted in 2018, and then download the recordings for each one and start digging in to level-up your nonprofit.

January calendar

Why January Is the Most Important Time for Donor Retention

It’s tempting to celebrate a job well done after year-end fundraising comes to a close, but how you follow up with, and hold onto, new donors will play a big part in determining your success in the coming year. January is the time to connect with your donors, strengthen old relationships, and nurture new ones.

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