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Following their May announcement of Salesforce1 for Nonprofits, which aims to create a powerful end-to-end set of Salesforce1 applications for nonprofit organizations, the Salesforce Foundation delivered some more exciting news on Wednesday: the arrival of NGO Connect.

NGO Connect – created in partnership with roundCorner and formerly known as their roundCause product offering – empowers nonprofits to gain a true 360-degree view of their constituents. NGO Connect enables nonprofits to strengthen their constituent relationships by connecting their fundraising solution and event, volunteer, nonprofit relationship and program management tools. Check out the NGO Connect announcement video, featuring Classy client Pencils of Promise.

Here at Classy, we are particularly excited about this development because the Salesforce Foundation and NGO Connect can amplify the impact of the organizations in our family. Classy seamlessly integrates with NGO Connect, adding a robust layer of online fundraising and donor engagement capabilities for nonprofits.

Here are some FAQs about NGO Connect, answered.

Q: What does this mean for existing roundCause customers?

A: NGO Connect brings together the best of Salesforce’s clouds with the roundCause product. Existing customers will not be affected. They’ll just benefit now from more product innovation from the combined roundCorner and Salesforce Foundation product team and they’ll have the additional support direct from Salesforce.

Q: Will NGO Connect be available to free “Power of 10” customers?

A: Yes. While NGO Conenct’s current functionality is geared more towards larger organizations, 8 free “Bios” and 2 full NGO Connect licenses will be included with the “Power of 10.” Bios contains some really cool functionality that enables organizations of any size to gain a very robust, 360-degree understanding of their constituents.

Q: Is the Nonprofit Starter Pack going away?

A: No. Salesforce is going to build and maintain both products for the foreseeable future. It’s part of the Salesforce Foundation’s mission to provide free software to nonprofits, and the goal is to always have the Nonprofit Starter Pack available as a free open-source solution that developers can continue to build on.

Q: Does Classy integrate with NGO Connect?

A: Yes. In fact, as far as we know, we’re the only fundraising provider that does.

The Salesforce Foundation will be holding an informational webinar about NGO Connect on Tuesday, September 30th at 11AM PST.

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