Anatomy of a fundraising event page

INFOGRAPHIC: The Anatomy of a Registration With Fundraising Page

Nonprofit events are a staple in every fundraising strategy. Whether your organization is planning a walk/run, a fundraiser, a fashion show, or an annual gala, these events are a great way to engage supporters and inspire them to give back. Most revenue from events comes from registration fees, however, this method limits fundraising potential. Social impact organizations are now supplementing registration fees with peer-to-peer fundraising. Using online event pages that include fundraising capabilities encourages the attendee to get even more involved.

To get the most out of this feature and maximize your fundraising potential, it’s best if both you and your fundraisers understand each feature of the platform. The more informed your organization is about this powerful tool’s functionality, the more you can motivate your supporters to use it.

In this infographic we review each feature of a registration with fundraising page so your organization, and its supporters, can get the most from the tool.

Anatomy of a Registration with Fundraising Page Infographic

Put Your Registration With Fundraising Pages to the Test With A Charity Run/Walk

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