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Philanthropy Trends Report: The State of Modern Philanthropy 2023


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Published May 16, 2023 Reading Time: 3 minutes

It’s an exciting day for nonprofit professionals who want a glimpse into today’s most impactful fundraising trends and the data to back them up. Classy is proud to release its annual philanthropy trends report, The State of Modern Philanthropy 2023: Creating Dynamic Journeys to Maximize Supporter Lifetime Value

Head Right to the Report

Your daily decisions are some of the most influential in shaping the future of the social sector. The State of Modern Philanthropy 2023 makes those decisions simpler with over 130 fresh data points to guide you at every stage.

Confidently attract new supporters, convert them into donors, and retain their support for the long run with Classy platform data collected across 54,000 active campaigns.

Data to Navigate the Changing Giving Landscape 

Does the rate of change in online giving make your head spin? We get it. 

You may already know the key to growing a sustainable donation stream is offering authentic, memorable experiences to supporters online and offline. Even then, each time we turn around, there seems to be a new way to do it, like crafting personalized email appeals with artificial intelligence (AI) language tools

Based on insights from this year’s report, personalization and connection are critical to nonprofits’ donor acquisition, conversion, and retention strategies. 

The State of Modern Philanthropy 2023 has the data to help you reach the right donors in the right places at the right time to make the most significant impact possible.

Get the Biggest Takeaways

Dive into the Trends Shaping Philanthropy

This year’s report combines Classy platform data with insights from our parent company, GoFundMe, to give you the full picture of the giving landscape. Our combined giving community across these platforms sits at over 150 million donors, making Classy and GoFundMe the holders of the largest and most unique philanthropic data set in the world.

Regardless of where your focus is this year, the size of your organization, or your cause category, you’ll find relevant information that boosts your confidence about where to place your time and resources. 

Bonus: Unpacking the Strongest Results from Leading Nonprofits

We’re also peeling back the layers on some of the highest-performing nonprofits on Classy to demonstrate what it looks like to lean into these trends strategically. 

  • 44% conversion rate for Feeding San Diego (3x industry average)
  • 13-point lift in conversation rate for V Foundation
  • 56% increase in donation volume for Many Hopes 

See Effective Fundraising Approaches

Build and Empower a Passionate, Active Community 

So are you ready to build your powerful, multifaceted donor experience to retain your loyal community? 

Choose where you want to focus as you land on our interactive report website:

  • Building community and engagement
  • Fundraising beyond your donation website 
  • Revealing patterns in donor retention

Grab the Stats

The Outcome: Keys to Lifelong Donor Relationships

At Classy, and in partnership with our GoFundMe community, we mine the latest insights across our platforms each year to inform how we build a comprehensive suite of fundraising experiences that best support nonprofits on a mission to raise more so they can do more. 

Take advantage of this year’s data and fundraising themes to identify how your organization can provide supporters with multiple ways to participate in and support your mission to grow relationships over time.

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