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3 Leadership Tips to Help Employees Avoid Burnout

See how frequently speaking with staff, encouraging time off from work, and offering competitive benefits can help prevent employee burnout at your nonprofit and keep everyone engaged and excited with their work.

Recurring giving campaign on laptop screen

3 Things I Learned About Recurring Giving From 115 Nonprofits

Brady Josephson is a charity nerd, entrepreneur, digital marketer, professor, and writer. He shares key findings from his joint study with to offer nonprofits tips on how to improve their recurring giving program experience.

Why Google Analytics
Business, Technology, & Operations

4 Reasons You Should Obsess Over Google Analytics

Discover why Google Analytics is a central piece to the puzzle of your online presence and how it can help track information about your site like number of new visitors, where people enter your site from, and how long they stay on certain pages.

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