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Classy Resource Center
Classy Product

Introducing the Classy Resource Center

Get all the details about Classy’s new, in-product resource center and see how it can make your online fundraising efforts simpler with checklists, guides, and other content delivered directly to you.

Leadership, Management, & Culture

How to Prepare Your Nonprofit for Major Changes

Get tips and best practices from Heller Consulting on how you can ensure that major changes, like changing technologies, goes off smoothly for everyone involved.

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Design & Branding

Why Your Nonprofit Needs a Brand Book

Learn how a brand book can help align your nonprofit, both internally and externally, to ensure that your message, mission, and vision consistently promotes a positive brand identity across marketing channels.

women sitting on orange couch working on an open laptop

6 Ways to Simplify Your Corporate Fundraising

Each year, there’s an estimated $10 billion in matching gift revenue left on the table. Check out these six steps to learn how you can simplify your corporate fundraising and get your piece of the pie.

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