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Business, Technology, & Operations

How to Quickly Cover the Cost of Your Fundraising Software

To learn how one of our clients, Kentucky YMCA Youth Association, made such a quick return on their investment, we sat down with their director of outreach and innovation, Derek Summerville, and operations coordinator, Starla Whitaker. They shared the critical pieces of their strategy that helped them to raise considerable capital right away.

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Classy News & Culture

What You’ll Learn at the Collaborative, No Matter Your Role

While the Collaborative will bring you up to speed on industry trends, it’s also a chance to learn nitty-gritty best practices unique to your daily life and experience in the nonprofit space. Whether you’re a program manager, marketer, or techie, this post outlines what you can expect to learn in order to be better at your job and inspired for the future.

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Leadership, Management, & Culture

Is Flattery a Double-Edged Sword for Nonprofit Management?

Feedback is essential to growth. If all we have to reference is flattery, we keep doing what we’re doing without feeling a need to change. To help you avoid this pitfall and embody the mindset of “always be learning,” we explore the role of negative feedback at your organization.

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Fantastic Nonprofit Hashtags and Where to Find Them

Hashtags are a powerful tool in your modern-day marketing arsenal. They provide an easy way to sort, organize, and group masses of data to reveal trends, conversations, influencers, and key insights. To help you navigate the nuanced world of hashtags, we dig into the terms that should be on your nonprofit’s radar, tips for where to find them, and best practices to become a master.

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5 Tips to Leverage the Calendar for Your Cause

Many causes famously use one month-long campaign in a year to conduct a majority of their annual fundraising. Here are five examples of organizations leveraging the calendar annually and tips for how you can apply these strategies to your own cause.

Classy News & Culture

Announcing the Classy 100

To celebrate growth mindsets and the success of our clients, we’ve assembled the Classy 100. This newly launched annual list reflects the 100 organizations that grew consistently on Classy in 2016.

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Leadership, Management, & Culture

QUIZ: What Kind of Leader Are You?

When you understand your own leadership styles and methods, you can be more self-aware of any associated pros and cons and identify ways you can manage your people more effectively.This quiz will help you understand the leadership styles you tend to employ.

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