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5 Ways to Streamline Nonprofit Team Fundraising

Team fundraising helps you hit higher fundraising goals, better engage your community, and bring in new supporters to your nonprofit. However, you have to make sure your team fundraising is streamlined to allow for the influx in support.


5 Creative Campaigns Started by Classy Employees

Building creative campaigns can be difficult for your nonprofit, but they encourage more donations. Check out these five campaigns built by Classy employees that we think will help inspire some ideas for your future campaigns.

Business, Technology, & Operations

5 Lessons From Zappos on Employee Happiness

Zappos places a premium on employee happiness, citing it as one of the reasons they’ve been able to sustain their success. We think nonprofits can learn a lot from CEO Tony Hsieh’s philosophies on the matter.


How to Access the Tremendous Potential of Millennial Giving

Millennials are the largest generation currently alive and are considered the most tech savvy, globalized generation in history. As Baby Boomers retire, we’ll see millennials move into leadership roles and dictate the future of fundraising.

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