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How a Balanced Board Protects Your Bottom Line

Gender equality is an important part of success for nonprofit organizations. In fact, a nonprofit with a mix of male and female leaders at the board level will outperform a competitor that relies on the leadership of a single sex.


How Incremental Goals Inspire Your Fundraisers

Building incremental goals into your fundraising campaign can help outline a roadmap to defeat larger than life challenges. Fundraising results don’t come overnight, so celebrate the incremental wins as you progress on your roadmap to success.


Is Your Donation Form Helping or Hindering Conversion?

A modern, online donation form is more than boxes on a page that need to be filled in. They have the power to deliver you relevant data about your donor base while driving more donations at the same time.


4 Ways to Get Press Coverage for Your Nonprofit

Securing press coverage is often viewed as a difficult exercise, but if you properly plan out a strategy your nonprofit’s story can be the next great piece of breaking news.


How Internal Fundraising Can Save Your Campaign

While external cause evangelists are a great group to help promote your campaign, don’t overlook the people inside your organization. Internal fundraising has tremendous power to push your campaign towards its ultimate goal.


4 Ways to Motivate Fundraisers to Demolish Their Goals

Classy has seen monumental success during our fundraising campaign to build a school in Nepal. Part of what’s helped us blast through our goals are the tactics from company and team captains to motivate fundraisers along the way.


5 Ways to Power Through a Mid-Campaign Lull

Almost every fundraising campaign sees a lot of activity during the beginning and end of their campaign with a dip in the middle. If you know this mid-campaign lull is coming though, you can prepare for it and leverage it to your advantage.


How to Orchestrate a Social Media Takeover from Scratch

About 30 percent of Earth’s population uses social media, and it’s a powerful tool for your nonprofit to raise brand awareness, promote events, and engage your community. Learn how to host a social media takeover and leverage the public to take your efforts to new heights.


6 Expert Tips to Create an Awesome Nonprofit Video

Filming a great nonprofit video is difficult, which is why we sat down with Classy’s media and video producer Brad Hilton for some expert tips. He explains how to optimize your next nonprofit video from pre production through post production.

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