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Beat the Streets Announces Its Ambitious 5-Year Plan to Scale With Classy

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Published December 7, 2022 Reading Time: < 1 minute

Classy believes this sector deserves great tech to address the world’s most challenging and important issues at scale. We interviewed Classy customer, Beat the Streets National, to highlight how the nonprofit plans to scale its impact to reach 28 new cities and engage 28,000 youth annually by the 2028 Olympics with Classy by its side. 


Beat the Streets cultivates youth development in underserved communities by encouraging a desire for excellence, respect, teamwork, leadership, integrity, and perseverance through the instruction of quality wrestling programs


Beat the Streets currently serves 37 cities across 10 regions including Philadelphia, New York City, Washington DC, Baltimore, Lancaster, the Bay Area, Los Angeles, Chicago, New England, and Cleveland


Beat the Streets is committed to raising funds and eliminating barriers for at-risk youth on a national scale. Its focus is first on creating access and using high-quality coaching and mentorship, as well as empowering the local community, to leave a deep impact on those they serve

Securing the Right Tools To Scale Into the Future

Learn why Classy’s world-class UX, secure giving, frictionless payments, and innovative tech are critical to Beat the Streets’ ability to reach 28 new cities by 2028. With intentions to more than triple its existing chapter footprint, now is the time to secure a seamless giving process and help supporters effortlessly transform their intent into impact.

We have a lot of growth to do, and we can do that with Classy.

Ben Reiter

Beat the Streets National Executive Director

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Learn how top nonprofits use Classy to power their fundraising.

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