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Black Philanthropy Month: The Details and How to Show Your Support


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Published August 4, 2023 Reading Time: 10 minutes

August is an opportunity for passionate individuals to unite around the history, community foundations, and philanthropic leadership of Black Philanthropy Month. You can feel the inspiration as people look to support Black-led, grassroots organizations with greater visibility and funding.

Dedicated giving and social awareness months provide curious potential donors and advocate more opportunities to connect with nonprofit organizations that need them. Black Philanthropy Month is the time to get curious about Black philanthropists’ impact and initiatives, from the historical civil rights movements to modern-day challenges.

Let’s start with the history of Black Philanthropy Month. Then, we’ll get into some nonprofit organizations celebrating Black philanthropy.

What Is Black Philanthropy Month?

Black Philanthropy Month (BPM) is a global annual celebration of African-descent giving in all forms. It recognizes philanthropic leaders’ contributions to transforming lives across the Black community. 

Today, the program has become a multinational summit run by The Women Invested to Save Earth Fund every August. The 2023 theme for Black Philanthropy Month is “Love in action.”

The History of Black Philanthropy Month

Dr. Jacqueline Bouvier Copeland of the Pan-African Women’s Philanthropy Network, now known as Reunity, launched BPM in 2011. She did so with the help of 30 diverse female changemakers worldwide. The United Nations recognizes the month as part of its 2011 declaration of the International Year for People of African Descent.1

Dr. Copeland is an award-winning innovator who is passionate about healing people, society, and the planet. Recognized by The Congressional Record for her memorable civic contributions, she’s a natural fit to lead the WISE Fund. 

BPM helps bring the stories, education, inspiration, and good work of African American descent people to the spotlight for other communities to experience and support. 

The Significance for Black Communities

Millions of people come together in new ways to amplify their involvement in Black-led philanthropies annually. Support for these organizations brings awareness to Black-led nonprofits’ progress and unresolved challenges. 

That’s why heightened visibility and increased funding are critical to these nonprofits’ sustainability. The opportunities surrounding BPM open the door for people to participate in education around these causes and establish strong charitable relationships that extend far beyond August. 

10 Nonprofits to Celebrate This Black Philanthropy Month

1. The Lighthouse | Black Girl Projects

The Lighthouse | Black Girl Projects is here to be a steady force that Black girls and young women in the southeastern United States can count on. The nonprofit introduces focused programming that creates spaces of solidarity and safety. The organization was recently featured on “Good Morning America” for its holistic approach to leadership development.

The wide array of learning opportunities welcomes freedom into the lives of Black girls. The Black Girl Research Institute is one example of how the organization supports fieldwork, training, and workshops for continued education around maternal and child health, food access, and mental health access.


Support The Lighthouse | Black Girl Projects During Black Philanthropy Month

The organization offers supporters a few options to get involved. You can become a Black Girl Champion with any donation or a Black Girl Champion 365 by increasing that impact with a recurring donation. The monthly donation option comes with email updates and a behind-the-scenes look at the impact you’re making on the lives of Black girls.

Connect With The Lighthouse | Black Girl Projects on Social Media

2. Black Veterans for Social Justice

Black Veterans for Social Justice is a community-based organization that services veterans, their families, and community members. The Brooklyn-based organization began in 1979, specializing in housing, shelters, mental health, and job placement for Black veterans. 


Support Black Veterans for Social Justice During Black Philanthropy Month

The organization hosts events like its annual fundraiser gala that rely on the support of its community members. Donating is accessible on any device with a quick donation form

Donors can make a one-time gift or spread their generosity throughout the year with a weekly, monthly, quarterly, or annual recurring donation. It all adds up to a big impact when active and inactive military personnel can gather and feel the support in a new way.

Connect With Black Veterans for Social Justice on Social Media

3. Black Women’s Health Imperative

Black Women’s Health Imperative is the first and only national nonprofit solely dedicated to achieving health equity for Black women and girls. Byllye Y. Avery founded the organization in 1983, and today, it’s nationally recognized for its lifesaving impact in policy, education, research, knowledge, and leadership development focused on the health and wellness of Black women.

Programs include a Centers for Disease Control and Prevention-approved initiative for healthy lifestyle changes, a first-of-its-kind platform focused on workplace equity, and a coalition dedicated to addressing challenges faced by historically underrepresented rare disease patients.


Support Black Women’s Health Imperative During Black Philanthropy Month

The organization is celebrating its 40th anniversary this year, and you can join this milestone occasion. There are many ways to get involved, and all of them support the goal that all Black women enjoy optimal health in a society that promotes health equity and social and reproductive justice. That includes donating, creating a fundraiser to share through Facebook, signing up for their newsletter, and registering to vote.

Connect With Black Women’s Health Imperative on Social Media

4. Black Leaders Detroit 

Black Leaders Detroit has distributed $2,012,000 to Black-led businesses and organizations through its powerful mission to be the equitable solution for the area. Its vision is to fuel a model and thriving city of fully empowered, responsive leaders and entrepreneurs reflective of its demographics.

The goal is clear: one million members contribute one dollar a week to fund the projects. Black Leaders Detroit values its community members’ shared power, Black excellence, transparency, and heroism. It has also supported over 350 Black-led businesses and organizations.


Support Black Leaders Detroit During Black Philanthropy Month

The organization is building a community that provides financial support for diverse social and community impact projects originating and led by people of African descent who live or have a business in the Detroit area. Donations are accepted online, and the organization hosts creative fundraising events, like fashion shows for locals.

Connect With Black Leaders Detroit on Social Media

5. Southern Black Girls and Women’s Consortium

Southern Black Girls and Women’s Consortium is where Black women unite in a shared passion for philanthropy, activism, and support for critical civil movements. The organization originated in response to the lack of philanthropic investments given to Black women in the South. It has awarded $2.2 million to 71 organizations and special projects across 12 southern states to date.


Support Southern Black Girls During Black Philanthropy Month

The organization invites supporters to apply for the role of a youth ambassador to help share the truth about the lives of Black girls through a year-long leadership development program, in addition to donating throughout August and beyond. Free virtual learning sessions are also available through the SAGE Circle.  

Connect With Southern Black Girls and Women’s Consortium on Social Media

6. Black Californians United for Early Care & Education

Black Californians United for Early Care & Education brings together advocates, policy influencers, civil rights organizations, researchers, university faculty, nonprofit leaders, early educators, caregivers, providers, families, and community-based organizations. BlackECE members have served over 490,000 of California’s Black children through policies that bring equity within their communities. 

The organization saw a gap in early care and education for Black children, families, and childcare workers in California and created its goals around closing it. They work within the early education system to deconstruct racial hierarchies and reverse the deficit-based narratives around expulsion rates, low literacy, and wealth gap associated with Black children in schools. 


Support BlackECE During Black Philanthropy Month

BlackECE has beautiful resources anyone can access to learn more about early care and education within California’s Black communities. There, you can immerse yourself in the policies BlackECE strives to influence to shape how Black children will experience their early years and the difference awareness can make. If you feel particularly passionate about any topics you learn about, you can participate in a fundraiser and spread the word about the organization’s work.

Connect With BlackECE on Social Media


YWCA USA is one of the nation’s oldest and largest women’s organizations. It’s been at the forefront of critical social movements for 165 years with the mission to eliminate racism, empower Black women, stand up for social justice, help families, and strengthen communities. 

The organization has served over two million people, from voting rights, civil rights, and affordable housing to pay and funding equity, violence prevention, and health care reform. YWCA USA balances a rich history of Black philanthropy with a pulse on which programs answer the call to today’s most considerable challenges.

Support YWCA USA During Black Philanthropy Month

The organization makes it easy to give in an amount that works best for you, including an option to spread the impact throughout the year with a recurring donation. It even provides Venmo and PayPal donations for supporters to show their love wherever they may be, on any device they have available. 

Ready to get involved? This August, you can support YWCA USA or find one of 196 local associations throughout the United States with online donations, Amazon Smile donations, planned giving, and vehicle donations.

Connect With YWCA USA on Social Media

8. NAACP California Hawaii State Conference

NAACP California Hawaii State Conference has a rich history as the country’s oldest civil rights organization fighting for equal rights, justice, and freedom. The NAACP organization began in New York City in 1909 with a group of Black and white citizens committed to making change around them.

Today, NAACP California Hawaii State Conference stands behind a new generation of leaders within the civil rights space. The nonprofit remains at the forefront of the movement for the well-being of the Black community. A strong nonprofit with a rock-solid foundation, it continues influencing critical issues facing Black communities.


Support NAACP California Hawaii State Conference During Black Philanthropy Month

The organization invites new community members who want to help the California and Hawaii communities thrive across education, economics, health and well-being, and racial justice. Anyone can become a member of the NAACP to join a network of activists standing up to injustice, systemic racism, and the call for equality.

That also opens the door to attending events like the 114th annual NAACP National Convention in Boston to commence BPM with innovative changemakers, thought leaders, entrepreneurs, scholars, entertainers, influencers, and creatives supporting the community. 

If you’re not ready to join but want to support the organization’s continued efforts, you can donate online, become a member of its monthly giving program, sponsor a community, sign up for updates, and so much more. 

Connect With NAACP California Hawaii State Conference on Social Media

9. Race Forward

Race Forward centers around sustainable change toward racial justice at all levels of society through policies, institutions, and culture. It works within communities to counter structural racism through events, training, toolkits, and data reports. 

The organization is a great place to learn about the social landscape and how to take meaningful action, starting with BPM and continuing throughout the year.


Support Race Forward During Black Philanthropy Month

The organization has something for you whether you want to learn more about a new narrative on equality or play a direct role in its programs and initiatives. 

You can find reports and toolkits to learn from on its website or make a one-time or recurring donation through its donation site. Race Forward makes it easy to give with the payment methods you prefer and flexibility to access its donation form on any device.

Connect With Race Forward on Social Media

10. The Players Alliance

The Players Alliance is a passionate community on a mission to address baseball’s systemic barriers to racial equity and inclusion. The organization works alongside current and retired professional baseball and softball players to create new pathways and opportunities for Black talent on and off the field. 

It’s because of the organization’s members’ dedication, personal time and energy commitments, and overall passion for this cause that baseball is becoming a stronger and more successful game.


Support The Players Alliance During Black Philanthropy Month

The organization takes a 360-degree approach to its mission by offering an event series nationwide. There’s never a shortage of ways to get to know this incredible group or help keep the programs. Supporters can make a monetary donation that helps eliminate entry barriers for kids by providing the tools they need to play the game.

During MLB All-Star Week in Seattle, the organization honored Black playmakers in the game who made a significant impact both on and off the field at The Players Alliance’s Game Changers Celebration. Guests made donations to level the playing field in honor of the awardees and they’re also offering all online donors the same opportunity to give in their honor throughout the month of August.

Each donation helps deliver life-changing access to technology and opportunities to assist professional players for exposure to successful Black athletes in the sport. One time and recurring donations are accepted through their donation page, along with those in memory or in honor of someone. 

Connect With The Players Alliance on Social Media

Build Community Around Black Philanthropy Month

With so much good work in mind, we hope you feel inspired to get involved to feel great for you and maybe even your extended community. Remember to embrace your interests and learning mindset as you get to know the people and teams on the ground making a difference through so many incredible outlets. 

Here are a few ideas for celebrating Black philanthropy:

  • Take some time to learn about new organizations supporting BPM.
  • Build new organizations and individuals you admire into your social feeds.
  • Share Black-led nonprofit funding opportunities with your network.
  • Start a fundraiser to introduce to family, friends, and coworkers.
  • Identify events in your local community to meet like-minded philanthropists. 
  • Sign up for updates from these nonprofits to learn about more exciting celebrations. 

Article Source:

  1. “International Decade for People of African Descent (2015-2024),” UNESCO, accessed July 24, 2023, https://www.unesco.org/en/decades/people-african-descent.
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