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Classy News & Culture

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Classy News & Culture

What You’ll Learn at the Collaborative, No Matter Your Role

While the Collaborative will bring you up to speed on industry trends, it’s also a chance to learn nitty-gritty best practices unique to your daily life and experience in the nonprofit space. Whether you’re a program manager, marketer, or techie, this post outlines what you can expect to learn in order to be better at your job and inspired for the future.

Classy News & Culture

Announcing the Classy 100

To celebrate growth mindsets and the success of our clients, we’ve assembled the Classy 100. This newly launched annual list reflects the 100 organizations that grew consistently on Classy in 2016.

Business, Technology, & Operations

December Update: A Year in Review

After the Collaborative last June, we recapped our favorite Classy product moments. We’re six months down the road now, but the core themes of our team’s… keep reading

GBF Veterans Day Image
Classy News & Culture

9 Powerful Images That Honor Veterans Day

Veterans Day honors American veterans for their service to our country. This post highlights Classy clients working to support veterans as they navigate reintegration into civilian life and matters such as long-term injuries, mental health issues, thoughts of suicide, job search, and homelessness.

Image of a pink ribbon for breast cancer awareness
Classy News & Culture

What Does the Fight Against Breast Cancer Mean to You?

Breast cancer awareness month sheds light on the startling realities of the disease—like the fact that every two minutes, a woman is diagnosed with breast cancer in the United States. But it also serves as an opportunity to talk and share our feelings about the fight against the disease. Here, Classy staff members share their unique perspectives and experience.

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