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Classy Product

Classy Product

How Large Nonprofits Can Adapt to Scale

Every nonprofit comes up against their fair share of problems, but the challenges facing large nonprofits are specific to their size and scope. While many large nonprofits know they need help, it can be hard to upgrade certain parts of the organization.

Benevon Model + Classy
Classy Product

How Fundraising Software Enhances the Benevon Model

When you couple the Benevon model with fundraising software, it can amplify the model’s success for your organization. To help you understand how the Benevon model can work alongside fundraising software, we break down the four phases of the model and suggest ways you can incorporate software like Classy to power your success.

Image of peer-to-peer fundraising campaign
Classy Product

8 Quick Actions That Improve Peer-to-Peer Fundraising Results

One of the greatest things about peer-to-peer fundraising is that it puts a powerful tool in the hands of a person passionate about your cause. Here are eight simple steps, that, despite their low effort, can yield exponential rewards for you and your fundraisers.

Business, Technology, & Operations

December Update: A Year in Review

After the Collaborative last June, we recapped our favorite Classy product moments. We’re six months down the road now, but the core themes of our team’s… keep reading

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5 Design Tips to Distinguish Your Campaign From the Herd

It’s essential that your fundraising campaign incorporate elements of good design to garner trust, grab attention, and incite action. What does good design look like though? We put together these design tips in an attempt to answer the question.

Classy Product

5 Ways to Streamline Nonprofit Team Fundraising

Team fundraising helps you hit higher fundraising goals, better engage your community, and bring in new supporters to your nonprofit. However, you have to make sure your team fundraising is streamlined to allow for the influx in support.

Image of computer screen with email open
Classy Product

3 Types of Email to Power Your Fundraising Campaign

While email is only one component of your supporters’ overall experience with your fundraising campaigns, it’s the primary way they expect to receive communications from your organization. This post outlines three email types that will help you strengthen a supporter’s connection to your cause.

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