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CIO Corner

two people looking at computer screens with the Classy website pulled up
CIO Corner

Implement Classy Before Your CRM to Save Time and Money

Hear from one of Classy’s enterprise solutions engineers, Kate Norton, to find out why setting up your online fundraising software before your CRM implementation can help you avoid wasting time, draining resources, and losing money.

women pointing to a contract and a men holding a pen
CIO Corner

The 4 Phases of a Fundraising Software Evaluation

Kate Norton, an enterprise solution engineer at Classy, walks us through the four different phases of a fundraising software evaluation: planning, setting priorities, meeting with vendors, and holding a final evaluation.

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CIO Corner

Introducing Classy Passport

We’re excited to announce Classy’s newest product, Classy Passport, which empowers nonprofits to mobilize supporters globally on behalf of a common cause.

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