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Introducing Classy Academy, a New Online Training Platform for Nonprofits

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Published June 15, 2021 Reading Time: 3 minutes

We are excited to announce Classy’s latest advancement in shaping a stronger social sector, Classy Academy—our new learning platform of on-demand courses covering nonprofit best practices for all, as well as how you can optimize Classy to advance your nonprofit’s mission. 

Since its inception, Classy has enabled organizations to raise billions of donations toward their missions. With Classy Academy, our focus is to use our years of experience and industry expertise to enable a culture of continuous learning for the organizations we serve. You can easily follow along with video lessons to learn how to optimize your campaigns and receive practical resources for day-to-day tasks, like creating compelling email templates to boost your conversion.  

Classy Academy is open to everyone, and it’s totally free. While the step-by-step instructions on using Classy will be most useful if you have a Classy account, we encourage anyone to leverage our courses on fundraising best practices. There’s no limit on the number of courses you can take, so dive in today to discover new ways to raise money, engage your community, and advance your mission.

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Everything You Need to Know About Classy Academy

classy academy banner

Q: How will my organization benefit from Classy Academy?

A: Classy Academy can help your organization accelerate fundraising, resulting in greater reach, increased revenue, and loyal donors. Our objective is to set you up for success by offering easy-to-follow courses on a variety of subjects within the social sector. We hope to provide innovative and effective solutions to the problems your organization is facing, and help connect you with other changemakers who can offer support. 

Q: What makes Classy Academy different?

A: Despite what you might infer from the name, Classy Academy doesn’t just focus on Classy. Unlike other online universities, Classy Academy also focuses on nonprofit best practices for anyone to optimize and improve their fundraising strategy and know-how.

Whether you’re a Classy customer looking to elevate your recurring giving campaign or an organization hoping to optimize your donation page, there is a course for you. And as we create more content in response to your suggestions, this list will only continue to grow. 

classy academy course description

Q: What courses are available now?

A: Classy Academy currently offers eight courses, with many more underway. We anticipate that the platform will remain mostly online as a premier digital learning tool as it continues to develop, but future Classy Academy or Classy community events is a goal we’re marching toward.

The following courses are available now on Classy Academy:

Onboarding Series

  • Account Tour and Setup
  • Build a Campaign
  • Launch a Campaign

Classy Essentials Series

  • Supporter Management
  • Data and Reporting

Nonprofit Best Practices 

  • Recurring Essentials
  • Optimizing Donation Pages

Partner Course With NextAfter

  • 4 Steps to Acquire New Donors

And to help keep your finger on the pulse, the Coming Soon section will show you which courses are in active development. 

Q: How can I access these courses?

A: You can access Classy Academy through When you arrive, you can easily sign up and access our course tiles. Each course tile consists of lessons in varying formats including videos, interactive graphics, and more. 

Classy Academy

You’ll find a search bar at the top right-hand corner of the site where you can search for the topic you’re interested in. If you ever want to revisit a lesson you’ve already taken, you can also visit your student profile in the top right-hand corner to view your course history. 

The Future of Classy Academy

While we’re thrilled to launch Classy Academy with these current courses and learning paths, we’re already thinking of ways to expand and enrich our program with more content. Take and share our courses, and then apply the skills you’ve learned. Tell us your results or what resources you need to continue growing. The more we know about what you want to learn, the faster we can research and create that content for you.

Check out Classy Academy today to get started.

Classy Academy

Classy Academy

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