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Published April 5, 2022 Reading Time: 3 minutes

Thousands of nonprofits bring their innovative and strategic fundraising goals to life through the flexible, data-driven Classy giving platform. Today, we announce that Marc Ferris will join Classy as Chief Growth Officer after his 12-year tenure at, a social enterprise focused on purpose-built, nonprofit technology.

In this new role at Classy, Marc will lead sales and customer growth, focusing on a customer-first experience at every stage of their journey, and, ultimately, driving toward Classy’s mission to empower and mobilize the world for good.

Meet Marc Ferris

Meet Marc Ferris

Leading for Impact

Marc’s experience spans technology, education, and social impact. He joins the Classy team from Salesforce, where he helped launch As the Senior Vice President of Growth at, he led the Americas sales and distribution organizations, serving more than 55,000 organizations and delivering more than $1.8B in annual social value. 

Charitable giving also holds a personal connection for Marc, who is a father to two young sons and an active member of the youth sports community. He is passionate about youth development and educational support organizations including Big Brothers Big Sisters of America, Boys and Girls Clubs of America, and Make-a-Wish.

Q&A With Marc Ferris

We asked Marc a few questions to get to know him better and learn about his vision for Classy. 

What goals do you have as the Chief Growth Officer of Classy?

Marc: Classy has such a solid foundation to build upon. As I look into the future, I hope to build on that foundation in a few directions.

  • Customer value and trust: Nothing is more important than the success of our nonprofit customers. Through the great work of each organization Classy supports, we amplify our positive impact as a company, which drives stable growth. 
  • A great culture: Classy’s employee and community culture is already thriving in so many ways. I want us to be a place for every mission-driven, high-performing employee to do their lives’ most meaningful and impactful work. When we focus on the success of our nonprofit customers and align on shared values and priorities, there are no limits to where we can go. 
  • Sector innovation: I want to leverage Classy’s products to unlock innovation in a rapidly growing space. I’ve seen first-hand the power and value of the Classy giving platform, enabling nonprofits to connect with supporters through online fundraising. Now that Classy is joining forces with GoFundMe, there are whole new possibilities for powerful and unique offerings to help nonprofits connect with more supporters through digital channels. 

What makes you passionate about supporting nonprofits?

Marc:  The work of the social sector has never been more needed than it is today.  Everywhere we look we see increasing division and distrust, widening inequality, persistent racial injustice, and escalating environmental and humanitarian crises.   

Although solutions require all individuals and institutions to lean in, most often, nonprofits are the boots on the ground, rolling up sleeves and doing the work to drive change and improve lives. Wherever we can help we should  – this work and these organizations deserve and need our support and partnership to drive real impact. 

How can technology support the social sector?

Marc:  In recent years, the pace of technological innovation has dramatically accelerated and affected every aspect of our lives. Businesses know that innovation is critical to connect, operate, collaborate, compete, grow and evolve.  Mission-driven organizations are no different; however, they are often constrained by resources. 

Technology can accelerate, enhance and amplify this critical work by helping to garner more awareness and resources, connect and scale operations and improve outcomes in whole new ways.  

I’ve seen nonprofits do incredible things when they have great technology to operate and innovate and how that mobilizes the world for good. That’s an exciting movement to be a part of and I’m all in!

The Road to Unlocking Generosity on Classy

As a giving platform that provides online fundraising solutions for nonprofits, Classy is committed to bringing tech-driven solutions to nonprofits. Marc Ferris as Chief Growth Officer will be invaluable to that continued growth, innovation, and the success of our customers.

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