Relive the 2014 Classy’s: The Environmental Protection Video

The 2014 Classy Awards, in partnership with the United Nations Foundation, is the largest social impact awards ceremony of its kind, celebrating the greatest champions of social progress. The yearlong initiative identifies and evaluates organizations in eight major cause categories, including Active Duty & Veteran Services, Animal & Wildlife Welfare, Educational Advancement, Environmental Protection, Health Services, Human Rights & Social Justice, Poverty & Hunger Relief, Disaster Relief & Public Safety.

We were honored to have Kathleen Schwille, VP of Educational Design & Development at National Geographic, to speak and present the video for Environmental Protection at the Classy Awards Ceremony on May 3, 2014.

The video is a compilation of insights from relevant current and past events, as well as excerpts from Nominees & Finalists that participated in this cause category. The objective of the video is to first frame the social problems being addressed and then second to highlight the leaders driving progress against the problem.

The Environmental Protection Video

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