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How to Use Classy Emails to Discover Fundraising Superheroes


By Allison Gauss

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With peer-to-peer fundraising, a mild-mannered supporter could become a fundraising superhero. When you identify your best fundraisers, you can show extra appreciation and offer support to help them raise even more or fundraise again later on. As most nonprofit professionals know, a small core of devoted advocates often accomplishes as much as many more casual supporters.

Learn how to use Classy’s milestone emails to identify and encourage your fundraising superheroes. With these automated messages of thanks and celebration, you spur peer-to-peer fundraisers to new heights, but you also create a list of peer-to-peer all-stars to reengage in the future.

Create Automated Milestone Emails

Fundraisers need support and encouragement to succeed. Providing helpful tools and recognition is an important part of creating a strong community of peer-to-peer fundraisers. But manually sending emails with tips and encouragement can quickly eat up a lot of your development team’s time. Fortunately, Classy’s new Fundraising Suite helps you automate and streamline this process.

One of the most exciting new features of the new Classy peer-to-peer fundraising campaign is the milestone email. As their name suggests, these are messages sent to peer-to-peer fundraisers when they hit a certain milestone in their campaign. You decide at what point you want to send a message of encouragement and thanks. Just create the email and when a fundraiser’s page hits that mark, the message is automatically sent.

There are two ways to set up your automated milestone emails, the first of which is by percentage of goal. For example, when a supporter reaches 50 percent of their fundraising goal, that’s a huge turning point. They have strong momentum and the finish line is in sight. A quick email from your organization can provide the extra push they need to keep appealing to their friends and family. Percentage-based milestones are a powerful tool to motivate any fundraiser as they approach their goal.

milestone fundraising email
Milestone emails are branded to your organization and campaign.

Dollar amount milestones, however, are a great way of tracking which of your fundraisers are truly going above and beyond. For instance, if you are running a peer-to-peer campaign with a minimum fundraising goal of $250, someone who raises $500 is showing extra initiative and ability. They have the potential to become a powerful advocate for your cause. You can set up a milestone email for this dollar amount with some extra words of thanks or a fun fact about the impact their $500 will make. milestone email tab

Because milestone emails reflect a specific point in a fundraiser’s campaign, they’re a more personal way to communicate with your supporters. The email shows that your organization is paying attention to their hard work and appreciates their progress. Your best fundraisers get extra recognition without saddling your team with a lot of extra work.

Find Your Fundraising Superheroes

But the benefits of milestone emails don’t end when your all-star fundraisers receive them and smile with pride. Classy engagement software engineer Morgan Snyder explained how the email section of your Classy account helps you identify and steward your biggest advocates.

The email tab isn’t just a place to prepare automated communications. It’s also a way to track your community of fundraisers and plan future campaigns.

When you know who your top performers are, you can strategically devote your time and engagement toward the fundraisers who are most effective. Of course, automated encouragement and resources are key for your entire pool of peer-to-peer fundraisers, but identifying your all-star fundraisers lets you devote your energy where you receive the most returns.

Simply navigate to your email tab and click on one of your milestone emails for a big sum. For example, you might create a milestone email for that select group of fundraisers who reach the $1,000 mark. Select the performance section for this email and you can see who received, opened, and clicked through the message. Of course, it’s nice to see whether your best fundraisers opened your emails, but perhaps more important is that you now have a list of devoted supporters you know are capable of raising big money.


email performance tab
Classy’s email performance tab can tell you who received and opened your email.

There are tons of ways to reengage and reactivate this group of fundraisers.  Given these supporters have shown the commitment and passion it takes to reach this milestone, they are great candidates for…
  • Volunteer positions – Invite your best fundraisers to help with future campaigns, become fundraising team captains, or join you in the field to see their funds in action.
  • Recurring giving – When launching a recurring giving campaign, reach out to your successful fundraisers and ask them to join your monthly giving program.
  • Fundraiser testimonials and case studies – Send a follow-up survey or personalized email asking your fundraising rock stars for feedback on their experience and why they would advise others to fundraise.
  • Birthday campaigns – Add a birthday custom question to your peer-to-peer campaign so you can reach out to power fundraisers about fundraising for their birthday.

Soft Launch for Success

If nothing else, this list of milestone email recipients is a huge asset for your next peer-to-peer campaign. It’s always a good idea to start with a soft launch. This helps you gain early momentum by reaching out to your most passionate supporters. Your lists of milestone email recipients offer a great place to start recruiting fundraisers and donors.

When you’re planning your next peer-to-peer campaign, reach out personally to these power fundraisers and tell them you’re asking your biggest supporters to be the first to start their campaigns. People are more likely to lend their time and help when you remind them that it is noticed and appreciated. Then, when you execute your hard launch, your campaign will already have some momentum from these soft launch fundraisers.

Your best fundraisers can also help you to motivate and encourage other supporters. Consider featuring your top fundraisers in a campaign update email to the rest of your supporters. Include a quote or tip from them on how they made it happen. These quotes and testimonials also offer social proof that fundraising success is achievable, which can go a long way.


Like volunteers and even staff, fundraisers are an important extension of your team. Nurturing your most effective advocates can make them even more powerful and motivate others to get involved. Use milestone emails to thank and encourage major fundraisers and use performance data to identify outstanding examples and find your soft launch prospects.

The Anatomy of a Successful Peer-to-Peer Campaign

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