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10 Ways to Give a Meaningful Mother’s Day Gift

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Published May 6, 2016 Reading Time: 3 minutes

We’re indebted to those who raised us, who demonstrated strength even when it was easier to falter and give up. In honor of Mother’s Day, these Classy organizations are providing an opportunity for supporters to give back to their mothers and forward to mothers across their organizations’ programs.

A Meaningful Gift for Mothers

You can never go wrong with flowers or brunch, but an impactful gift is a nice touch. Dedicate a gift to your mother through one of these ten organizations, all of which focus on community-powered and women-driven initiatives. Mothers raised us—see what these nonprofits are raising for them.

Construction for Change

Who they are: Construction for Change has a highly specialized approach to economic development: building critical infrastructure that gives communities the stability and resources they need to thrive.

What the Mother’s Day campaign is about: In partnership with HIV/AIDS organization The 30/30 Project and maternal health organization Hope Through Health, the No Mom Left Behind Campaign supports the construction of a maternity ward in Togo.

Every Mother Counts

Who they are: Every Mother Counts provides education and resources to make childbirth safe for every mother.

What the Mother’s Day campaign is about: This Mother’s Day, Every Mother Counts has a partner that will give them $1 for every social share their campaign video receives. Check out their homepage and share this easy way to support a mother-focused organization.

The Family Garden

Who they are: The Family Garden is a Colorado-based community organization that provides resources on and for pregnancy, birth, and early childhood.

What the Mother’s Day campaign is about: With a focus on sustainable revenue for family programs, The Family Garden is asking for monthly contributions or participation in their community peer-to-peer campaign. What a great way to honor your mother and multiply the impact of your contribution.

Karam Foundation

Who they are: Karam means generosity in Arabic. The Karam Foundation aims to build better futures for thousands of Syrian families in Syria, Turkey, Lebanon, and Jordan.

What the Mother’s Day campaign is about: The Karam Foundation’s Mother’s Day brunch will take place in Chicago in honor of those mothers who have been resilient in the face of conflict and displacement over the last five years.

More Than Me

Who they are: More Than Me started as one woman helping Liberian girls get off the street and into school through scholarships. Today, the organization operates a school and provides individualized support for its students.

What the Mother’s Day campaign is about: The Mother’s Day Movement is an organization that aims to shift the focus of Mother’s Day from flowers and cards to more meaningful support for mothers across the globe. Each year, they choose one organization as the beneficiary of their marketing efforts, and this year, that organization is More Than Me!

Outreach International

Who they are: Since 1979, Outreach International has worked in 10 countries to implement long-term, community-driven solutions to poverty.

What the Mother’s Day campaign is about: Outreach International’s programs benefit an entire community. From clean water initiatives to small business loans to health services, Outreach International empowers people to create lasting change solutions to poverty in their communities. Make a gift that will support mothers across the globe.

Project Concern International

Who they are: Project Concern International (PCI) is a far-reaching organization with many empowerment programs that aim to enhance health, end hunger, and overcome hardship.

What the Mother’s Day campaign is about: PCI has a strong women’s empowerment program that promotes, among other things, strong mothers, strong daughters. Their #InvestInWomen campaign benefits their women empowerment programs.

Restore NYC

Who they are: Restore NYC works with sex trafficking survivors in New York and helps restore their well-being and independence.

What the Mother’s Day campaign is about: Seventy-seven percent of the women Restore NYC serves are mothers. The organization is running a peer-to-peer campaign to amplify your support of their #GiveBackMothersDay campaign, the proceeds of which go into their critical services programs for women in need.


Who they are: Selamta brings together orphaned children and marginalized women to create forever families. They also provide a wide range of services and resources to keep families together and support newly created families.

What the Mother’s Day campaign is about: The Wrapped in Love campaign supports critical Selamta programs while offering donors the option to send their mothers a gift.

Shining Hope for Communities

Who they are: Shining Hope for Communities (SHOFCO) takes a grassroots approach to girls’ education in order to holistically uplift some of Kenya’s poorest neighborhoods.

What the Mother’s Day campaign is about: This year, SHOFCO’s Mother’s Day campaign benefits their Maternal Care and Health program, which ensures moms and babies get the prenatal and antenatal care they need to have a healthy start in life.

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