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Classy Named Top Employer Brand in Hired’s 2019 Global Brand Health Report

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Published September 17, 2019 Reading Time: 2 minutes

Today, we’re proud to announce that Classy has been named a top employer brand for tech talent by Hired in their 2019 Global Brand Health Report. Classy makes the list of 10 companies from San Diego alongside other reputable names like Qualcomm, Seismic, and Teradata.

The rankings are based on Hired’s Brand Positivity Index (BPI). This index measures a candidate’s interest in working for a company, and the higher their interest, the higher the BPI score.

In total, Hired surveyed more than 3,600 top tech workers to find out which companies ranked as “most desirable employers” and how other organizations can compete for their attention.

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Currently in its third year of production, the Brand Health Report seeks to provide tech companies with data-driven insights to help measure the health of their brand. Additionally, it presents an overview of other statistics, like what matters to each city’s tech talent, so organizations can successfully attract and retain employees.

What Makes Someone Like You?

It’s important to understand what motivates tech talent to choose “this” company over “that” company. This is especially true when compensation isn’t the only deciding factor in someone’s decision; there are other influences like the ability to work remotely, company culture, and commute distance.

Since the Brand Health Report revolves around tech talent, we decided to dig a bit deeper and speak with our own tech employees to find out what they love about working at Classy:

For others at Classy, the draw is in being part of a team that asks for opinions, listens to their input, and helps them develop as a professional.

The opportunities to impact team direction and participate in innovative projects are key factors that attract and retain talent ranging from established career veterans to college graduates entering the workplace.

A positive brand reputation can mean the difference between hiring and retaining an all-star team or losing candidates to your competitors—whether you’re a for-profit or nonprofit.

Recently, Classy commissioned our own survey of the social sector to uncover the modern nonprofit professional’s experience in their daily roles. Download the full report below and explore how insights in areas like investment priorities, team alignment, and technology impact overall job satisfaction at nonprofits.

World-Changing Work: The Modern Nonprofit Professional's Experience

World-Changing Work: The Modern Nonprofit Professional's Experience

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