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Published February 13, 2024 Reading Time: 5 minutes

We’re excited to announce a revolutionary leap forward in our fundraising platform, crafted to unleash meaningful experiences that forge deep connections and drive conversions through tailor-made campaigns.

Meet Classy Studio.

This launch isn’t just an advancement to our fundraising suite—it establishes the foundation for future innovation and opens new doors to donor acquisition. Classy Studio is engineered for measurable, swift, and secure online giving to help nonprofits raise more so they can do more.

Embark on a journey where your organization’s narrative and brand come to life in the most compelling ways.

Build Unforgettable Donation Websites

What Is Classy Studio?

Customize your story, brand, and campaigns with an easy and flexible campaign builder.

Classy Studio empowers hyperpersonalized, connected experiences across various interactions to activate your community at scale.

Our initial phase introduces dynamic donation sites, setting the stage for what’s to come. Studio will seamlessly integrate and elevate all existing capabilities in future releases, spanning crowdfunding, embedded experiences, peer-to-peer fundraising, events, ticketing, and beyond.

We’ll also roll out new features, like a digital giving cart, advanced integrations, curated image repositories, and other enhancements.

How It’s Different

  • Personalized yet fully branded appeals. Studio helps bring your story and brand to life without sacrificing personalization, respecting and serving supporters’ individuality.
  • Faster campaign response with clicks or code. Studio designer requires no technical or web team help to build, but if you want to customize with code, you can.
  • Trustworthy e-commerce combined with fundraising. Studio has a modern checkout experience that balances conversion, tracking, and security with best practices in fundraising.
  • Scaled retention via Classy’s donor dashboard. Studio helps supporters manage donations, upgrade their giving levels, pause recurring giving, download end-of-year giving statements, and more.

We wanted to create a visually appealing, branded, mobile-friendly donation page that could tell our story and be a home for our calls to action. Classy Studio allowed us to do all that AND was cost-effective, saving us thousands of dollars we would have spent outsourcing.

Lindsay Kolsch

Co-Executive Director of To Write Love On Her Arms

Take a Look Inside

Fundraising campaign built on Classy Studio

Why Classy Studio, and Why Now?

Nonprofits continue to experience constant change, including evolving community needs, increasing supporter expectations across fragmented channels, and growing technological leaps.

To respond to the needs and shifts, nonprofits must look for new ways to activate their community with unified, integrated, and personalized solutions.

Studio helps nonprofits combat the following five challenges:

  • People are hard to activate. With information overload and worldwide uncertainty, nonprofits must build creative, contextual campaigns that stand out.
  • Resources are limited. To create these experiences, fundraisers and marketers need easy-to-use tools that empower them to tailor these campaigns at scale.
  • Channels are fragmented. Supporters expect unique experiences and personalized storytelling that recognizes their involvement and matches their preferences and journeys.
  • Supporters are consumers. As shopping experiences evolve, nonprofits must keep up with changing expectations, especially across generations.
  • Donors want involvement. Supporters want to engage more deeply with your nonprofit, understand results, and connect with your mission meaningfully.

Meet Your Fundraising, Marketing, and IT Demands

Optimize Your Fundraising Experience

checkbox Share Your Organization’s Story, Brand, and Campaigns the Way Donors Prefer

Thanks to Studio’s greater flexibility in customizing your donor experience, you can enhance brand alignment and consistency to create a compelling, personalized appeal that effectively activates supporters.

checkbox Improve Your Response Time to Promising Fundraising Opportunities

With Studio’s user-friendly interface, crafting a stunning and impactful campaign becomes effortlessly intuitive. Fundraisers not only have the power to duplicate campaigns with ease but can also design compelling initiatives within minutes, ensuring a seamless and efficient fundraising experience.

checkbox Capture All Data to Better Understand Your Supporters

Empower your fundraising strategy further with Studio’s enhanced data capture capabilities. By seamlessly collecting and analyzing valuable insights, fundraisers gain the ability to deliver precisely targeted messages, ensuring a personalized and impactful outreach that resonates with supporters at every stage.

checkbox Provide Seamless On-Ramps to Deeper Involvement

Easily share and connect to other pages, campaigns, and giving opportunities through your donation website with Studio. Drop a button and link to relevant external URLs or other Classy campaigns for a seamless experience anywhere your donors choose to go next.

As Studio continues to evolve, fundraisers will have even greater opportunities to connect with their communities through advanced platform technology.

We’re excited to bring the Studio experience to peer-to-peer fundraising and events in the coming year and continue innovating our comprehensive fundraising platform, including elements like Classy Live, to ensure we offer proactive solutions to future fundraising challenges.

Expand Your Reach with Intentional Marketing

checkbox Deliver More Relevant and Personalized Experiences

With Studio’s heightened customization capabilities, you can refine your campaigns and emails to resonate more deeply with diverse audience segments, fostering stronger connections and delivering messages that captivate and resonate with each unique persona.

checkbox Expand Your Reach and Attract More Supporters

Maximize your organization’s online presence with Studio’s SEO and amplified social sharing features. By seamlessly integrating these elements, your campaigns not only captivate your existing audience but also extend their impact by reaching a broader online community.

checkbox Iterate and Innovate to Improve

Leveraging Studio’s exceptional flexibility and user-friendly design, organizations can swiftly launch campaigns. The marketing team can ensure brand consistency through in-line editing, campaign theming, and other customizable features. Integrations like GA4 provide valuable insights, enabling marketers to optimize performance with informed adjustments.

Simplify and Streamline Your IT Processes

checkbox Provide Staff with Easy-to-Use, Powerful Tools

Because Studio leverages drag-and-drop functionality, prebuilt layouts, and other easy-to-use features that don’t require code, IT professionals can feel confident that the users in their organization can create campaigns and complete other technological tasks with limited support from their team.

checkbox Maximize Conversions with Modern Technology

Designed to focus on performance, scalability, and mobile responsiveness, Studio sets the standard with a best-in-class load time of one second. Beyond that, the checkout experience ensures mobile-friendliness and prioritizes security, providing donors with a seamless and trustworthy interaction.

Just the Beginning

This is just the start of the evolution of the Classy platform. With a road map of exciting developments set to redefine the fundraising landscape and empower organizations to achieve even greater impact, we’re eager to deliver on our 2024 goals and support your missions through it all.

For those looking to immerse themselves in the technology and see how it can begin supporting your goals today, sign up for our live workshop on March 21 or our on-demand Classy Studio course on Classy Academy.

Copy Editor: Ayanna Julien

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