Classy’s Top 10 Blog Posts of 2017

By Will Schmidt
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Here at Classy, it’s truly been our honor to be a part of your fundraising journey this year and witness so many successful stories. This was an eventful year for the nonprofit industry, and we have the posts to prove it.

To ensure you don’t miss the best of the best, we rounded up the top 10 blog posts published on Classy in 2017 based on total number of page views. Dive into the topics below to find out what our audience loved reading, get key insights from 2017, and apply them to the years to come. 

1. New Data Reveals Giving Tuesday is a Goldmine of New Donors

In 2016, 3.5 percent of all transactions on Classy occurred on Giving Tuesday alone: that’s 13 times more than a typical day on the platform. Despite the progress of the Giving Tuesday movement, some are still wary that it could potentially decrease the amount of donations brought in on other campaigns, like year-end fundraising.

To address these concerns, we compared the data from Classy platform’s donation volume on Giving Tuesday to that during year-end giving, specifically around December 31.

2. 25 Free Nonprofit Resources to Bookmark

As busy nonprofit professionals, we realize it’s hard to stay on top of best practices. In this post, you’ll find 25 of our most popular guides for fundraisers, marketers, and leaders put together for easy access.

3. 13 Awkward Moments for Nonprofit Employees [GIFs]

We can all appreciate an awkward moment, especially when it happens at the office. Whether you work at a nonprofit or not, these 13 GIFs will hit close to home when it comes to weird conversations and embarrassing situations.

4. 23 of the Best Fundraising Ideas for Growth

While growth for nonprofits has been difficult to attain for many in the past, in 2017 we witnessed organizations creatively shift their strategies and adapt to changes in donor preferences and technology to attain their goals. Check out these 23 fundraising ideas, including peer-to-peer fundraising, recurring giving, events, crowdfunding, email, and social media, to help identify your next win.

5. 14 Nonprofit Management Tips for a Growth Mindset

Sit down with Joe Musselman, CEO and founder of the Honor Foundation, as he discusses his uniquely effective leadership and management strategies. Learn how to implement similar strategies and get some inspiration for how to accelerate meaningful growth at your organization.

6. How to Make Every Donor a Lifetime Donor

It’s much more cost effective for your organization to retain donors instead of acquiring new ones. If you’re able to optimize your donor experience, it can directly affect your donor retention rate.

7. Announcing the 2017 Classy Awards Winners

The Classy Awards offer recognition to some of the most remarkable and effective programs in the nonprofit world. Read back over the 10 award winners and dig into the life-changing work they complete all over the world.

8. 6 Tips to Improve Donation Page Conversion Rates

Sometimes, supporters don’t move forward with a donation they started on your donation page. Fortunately, there are things you can do to convert these opportunities at a higher rate, like building off the appeals that brought people to your page and streamlining the checkout process.

9. Nonprofit Jargon: 22 Phrases We Love to Hate

We polled Twitter users to find out which buzzwords and jargon the nonprofit community is in a love-hate relationship with. Whether they’re overused in the office, at meetings, or in external facing communications, check out the words that made the list.

10. Change Management: Key Principles You Need to Know

Change is something none of us can avoid in our lives, especially in our professional careers. When faced with change, it’s essential to remember that what distinguishes the “good” from the “great” is how you react to change and manage it on an individual and team level.

These 10 posts might be on 10 different topics, but at their core they represent the continual effort to improve processes and build meaningful experiences for organizations big and small. With the new year upon us, take the lessons and insights learned from these posts to apply them to your organization. And keep your eyes peeled for some awesome new content coming down the pipeline from us soon.

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