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6 Climate Change Organizations to Follow in 2023


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Published March 20, 2023 Reading Time: 7 minutes

This year has already delivered a stark reminder of why the fight against the climate crisis and for nature conservancy is crucial. Look no further than January 2023, the warmest on record in Europe and ranked in the top 10 warmest for North America and Africa.1

At the same time, the mitigation of climate change and environmental organizations that support it have innovated at a record pace to turn the statistics around in favor of a safe planet using clean energy and sustainable practices for future generations.

You’ve likely heard of the climate change movements inspired by nongovernmental organizations (NGOs) and groups like the United Nations, Natural Resources Defense Council (NRDC), Greenpeace, Earthjustice, and Environmental Defense Fund (EDF). Today, we’re exploring how sustainability-minded nonprofits support this movement by offering additional climate solutions and outreach in 2023.

Global Momentum on Climate Change

People worldwide care deeply about the planet, ecosystems, clean air, environmental sustainability, tree planting to slow deforestation, and the impact of global warming. So it makes sense that this cause continues to activate passionate donors who show their support through volunteer time, community service, advocacy, and monetary gifts.

What’s the impact of climate change in 2023?

Here’s a snapshot of the environmental issues informing where we’re headed in the next few years:

  • The past decade was the hottest period in the last 125,000 years2
  • Carbon emissions are increasingly dangerous as carbon dioxide is at its highest point in more than two million years, reaching close to 420 parts per million in 20233
  • Approximately 25% of greenhouse gas emissions come from land clearing, crop production, and fertilization, with animal-based food contributing to a quarter of that4

Younger Generations Answer the Call to End Today’s Climate Emergency

We explored what drives loyalty and activism among today’s donors in our annual Why America Gives report. Among timely causes, such as reproductive rights and women’s health, climate change was where most donors planned to donate in 2022.

There was particular interest among Gen Z donors who showed the most intent to donate to climate change organizations with a monetary gift. The following list of tips to resonate with Gen Z donors comes from our newly published guide and offers you a roadmap on modernizing your approach for raising awareness around the climate crisis.

Quick tips to connect to Gen Z donors:

  • Show a powerful “why” for getting involved and donating now
  • Make it easy to navigate your donation process on any mobile device
  • Offer various donation payment vendors, like Venmo and PayPal
  • Tie your mission to current events or the news cycle
  • Build advocacy on social media with influential voices
  • Showcase an option to give smaller amounts over time with recurring gifts

6 Top Climate Change Nonprofits Leading the Charge

1. Wine To Water

What makes Wine To Water unique:

Wine To Water is a shining example of how every great climate movement begins—an ambitious idea and the perseverance to make it a reality. Founder and International President Doc Hendley first saw a vision to bring clean water worldwide while bartending and playing music in North Carolina nightclubs.

Today, Wine To Water has saved thousands of lives by providing humanity’s most basic need, clean water. The organization installs comprehensive community water systems in areas where clean water is inaccessible, sparking positive social, environmental, and economic change.

Wine To Water also supports filter distribution and WASH (water, sanitation, and hygiene) education through its Water4Schools program. In addition, the organization also steps up during crises around the world, including war, and natural disasters like flooding, earthquakes, hurricanes, and more.

Selected as a CNN Hero in 2009, Doc inspires people from all walks of life. Wine To Water has since worked in 51 countries, reaching more than 1.72 million people with clean water.

What’s ahead: Wine To Water knows sustainable models focusing on transformation might take longer, but the generational impact is worth every second. From the Amazon to the Dominican Republic, East Africa, and Nepal, the organization will continue offering environmental sustainability programs, education, women’s empowerment, public health, and economic growth initiatives for years to come.

My efforts are going to be a drop in the bucket, but if I would have never taken that step because it was too big of a problem, then we wouldn’t be anywhere right now.

Doc Hendley

Founder and International President

Learn more about Wine To Water on social media: @winetowater

2. Protect Our Winters

What makes Protect Our Winters unique:

Protect Our Winters (POW) is all about protecting the places we live and the nature-oriented lifestyles we love from climate change. This community of athletes, scientists, creatives, and business leaders unites around a mission to advance nonpartisan policies that protect our world.

POW started when Jeremy Jones, a pro snowboarder, saw resort closures due to a lack of snow. He felt the call to take action and founded the organization to advocate for climate in ways others weren’t. Over 50 million people in the United States identify as outdoor enthusiasts. POW is harnessing their collective voice and power to drive climate action.

What’s ahead:

In 2022, POW reached 2.3 million unlikely voters with a nonpartisan Get Out the Vote message, had over 48 million impressions on social media throughout the year, and was mentioned in 5,551 pieces of media coverage. Looking forward, POW is focusing on turning the Outdoor State’s passion into action to advance collaborative, cross-partisan efforts on climate at the state and federal levels.

In the future we envision, the world embraces renewable energy, electric transport, breakthrough technologies, and market policies to achieve carbon neutrality by mid-century. We drive to crags, trailheads, and renewably-powered ski areas in zero-emission vehicles; innovation decouples carbon from economic growth; and elected officials from all parties, at all levels of government, make addressing climate their top policy priority

2024 Strategic Plan

Learn more about Protect Our Winters on social media: @protectourwinters

3. NatureBridge

What makes NatureBridge unique:

NatureBridge is elevating the wonder of our natural world to today’s youth. By doing so, it creates a culture of sustainability and stewardship for the earth in children and teens.

The organization’s hands-on programs offer educational classes hosted in national parks to inspire young people to foster a lasting relationship with the environment and an urge to protect it.

The NatureBridge story began in 1971 when Don Rees, a high school teacher, gathered 50 students in Yosemite for a week. That single trip became the catalyst for over 35,000 students and 700 schools to experience the organization’s educational programs each year.

Experienced educators guide a journey through scientific principles, ecological concepts, and collaborative learning. NatureBridge’s work received recognition with a 2023 Platinum Transparency award by Candid.

What’s ahead:

NatureBridge uses a teaching model that helps students conceptualize the connection between humans and the environment. By growing these programs, more young people will have what they need to take action for a better tomorrow.

Programs operate in Yosemite National Park and the Golden Gate National Recreation Area in California, Olympic National Park in Washington, and Prince William Forest Park in Virginia. With growing support, NatureBridge is now the largest education partner of the National Park Service.

Learn more about NatureBridge on social media: @naturebridge

4. Southern Environmental Law Center

What makes Southern Environmental Law Center unique:

Southern Environmental Law Center (SELC) is a strong presence that protects our basic right to clean air, clean water, and a liveable climate. The organization set out to preserve the region’s natural treasures and rich biodiversity so everyone can benefit from the healthy environment resulting from its ongoing commitment.

As the largest nonpartisan environmental legal advocacy organization focused on the South, SELC takes on tough challenges. Its team of lawyers, policymakers, and issue experts dedicate their time and collective work to make real change happen every day as it relates to promoting climate justice and public health across communities.

What’s ahead:

SELC continues to spark landmark environmental actions by advocating and providing solutions for greater racial and cultural diversity. Rooted in equity and inclusiveness, the organization strives to defend air, water, climate, and wildlife disputes.

Due to our region and nation’s history of racism and the systemic impacts it has on all facets of life, communities of color bear witness to an outsized portion of environmental harms. At SELC, we believe that everyone deserves to breathe healthy air, drink clean water, and live in thriving communities free from harmful pollution.

Learn more about Southern Environmental Law Center on social media: @southernenvironment

5. Yellowstone Forever


What makes Yellowstone Forever unique:

Yellowstone Forever is Yellowstone National Park’s official nonprofit organization partner. Their work is dedicated to protecting, preserving, and enhancing the park’s natural wonders through the dual mission of education and philanthropy.

The organization commits to sustainability and funding projects to help every aspect of the environment, from wildlife conservation to preserving heritage and history. Not only does its work impact the visitor experience, but it also makes a lasting difference in how future generations appreciate and protect the world’s natural beauty.

What’s ahead:

Yellowstone Forever will continue to expand its educational outreach to help initiate a lifelong connection to national parks for visitors of all ages. It will also offer teacher-specific initiatives like workshops that bring ecological knowledge from Yellowstone to even more local communities. With the generous support of donors, Yellowstone Forever will continue to fund priority projects in the park including more sustainable and efficient infrastructure, EV charging stations, and climate change research.

Learn more about Yellowstone Forever on social media: @ynpforever

6. B Lab

What makes B Lab unique:

B Lab is the nonprofit network transforming the global economy to be inclusive, equitable, and regenerative. As a nonprofit B Lab is committed to creating positive impact for all people, communities, and the planet.

B Lab believes leaders build communities, not just profits. Through comprehensive standards and the free B Impact Assessment, B Lab empowers businesses to measure, manage, and improve their impact for all stakeholders, not just shareholders –– and recognizes the companies leading the way through the B Corp certification.

You’ll find companies such as Patagonia and Seventh Generation listed as certified B Corporations, showcasing a commitment to operations, practices, and governance that support the environment, among many other key factors.

B Lab mobilizes the B Corp community towards collective action on society’s most critical challenges, including climate change and advocating for environmental disclosure and other public policy.

What’s ahead:

B Lab celebrates companies that become certified B Corporations and continues to develop standards, tools, and policies to enable B Corps –– and othersocially responsible companies –– to create greater impact for all their stakeholders, including: the environment, workers, communities, and customers. We can expect many more leaders to join this growing movement as customers vote with their dollars and vocalize their preferences to purchase from, work for, and invest in businesses doing good for the world.

Learn more about B Lab on social media: @bcorporation

Modern Fundraising Tech Draws in New Generations of Activists

Whether a nonprofit starts a grassroots program or goes all in to support climate lobby initiatives for environmental justice or climate justice, every supporter of creates a global impact we can see. It begins with a streamlined process to give that encourages both monetary support and frontline volunteer work. That’s why Classy focuses deeply on a flexible and convenient experience that fuels lasting relationships with loyal supporters.

Online fundraising best practices to help fuel climate change nonprofits:

  • Offer a wide variety of fundraising campaigns to spread awareness about the climate emergency and the actions your nonprofit is taking to address this environmental issue
  • Provide loyal supporters donation sites to make a donation in seconds
  • Build awareness with virtual and in-person fundraising event software
  • Meet the moment of timely need such as in the aftermath of extreme weather with crowdfunding campaigns
  • Host a monthly giving program to build loyalty and donor retention in support of building climate resilience for future generations

Article Sources

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