Coming Soon—Donor Retention Secrets [WEBINAR]

1 min
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It’s no secret that many nonprofits have a donor retention problem. In fact, the average charitable organization in the United States will lose over half of its donors each year.

What shouldn’t be a secret is how to remedy this resource-draining problem.

The Secrets of Successful Donor Retention

Join us on June 18 at 10 AM PST as fundraising expert Joe Garecht, founder of The Fundraising Authority, shares key tips to retaining more donors.

The webinar will also cover:

  • How to encourage donors to share your organization with their networks
  • Ways to effectively steward donors over time
  • How to help donors feel like a part of your team
  • How to appeal to your donors to increase their contribution

Register below to save your seat and get the latest on the donor retention strategies sure to help your organization develop more sustainable relationships with supporters and power your mission for years to come.


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