8 Fascinating Articles That Will Change Your Perspective on the World Today

We haven’t done a roundup in a while, but given all the traveling you might be doing this holiday season, we thought we put a few posts together for all that sitting and down time. We’ve corralled 8 fascinating articles that will change your perspective on social progress, innovation and what’s left to tackle in the world today.

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Good News You May Have Missed in 2014

We should all be as optimistic as Bill Gates, who writes about why we should think about all the good that happened this year.

How Bitcoin Helps Grassroots Organizations Fighting Ebola

Interested in Bitcoin? Here’s a fascinating case study in which Bitcoin is helping money reach those who need it most.

How One Small Organization is Using Big Data Analysis to Uproot Policy in D.C.

Big Data is everywhere these days, but it isn’t just for big organizations. Learn how one small organization is using data to do big things, by effectively influencing education policy in Washington D.C.

Can AIDS be Cured?

This is a great one for that long plane ride – a fascinating and in depth look by the New Yorker magazine at the evolution of HIV/AIDS and the progress immunologists have made since 1981.

Measuring Human Progress

Honestly, its difficult to choose just one article out of the all the interesting topics covered on Stanford Social Innovation Review’s blog. I thought this was an interesting piece to read after Bill Gates’ “Good News You May Have Missed.”

7 Books That Every Lifelong Learner Should Read (and Reread)

Looking to learn more? Of course you are! I love this post by entrepreneur Hiten Shah. Each book listed here has practical applications no matter what field you’re in.

What Happens When Kids Don’t Have Internet at Home

The Atlantic asks about how the access to the Internet affects education and opportunity.

A Year of War in South Sudan

The world’s youngest country struggles to survive.

Happy Holidays and Happy Reading!

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