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By Meredith Kavanagh

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Fall is officially in full swing, and if you’re a nonprofit professional that means much more than football Sundays and pumpkin spice everything. The giving season is upon us with one of the year’s most lucrative donation days, Giving Tuesday, just around the corner. 

If your team hasn’t participated in the global giving day yet, then this is your year. With more than $500 million in donations on the table, who can afford to pass it up?

While Giving Tuesday is coming up soon, you still have plenty of time. In fact, you can get started by creating a free online fundraising campaign on Classy in under 30 minutes. On Classy’s pay as you go plan, you can sign up with no upfront cost, no commitment, and no subscription fee.

In less than an hour, your team can go from having no Giving Tuesday strategy to publishing a campaign and being ready to take advantage of the Giving Tuesday momentum. 

Below, we’ll dive into six reasons why you should sign up for a Classy pay as you go plan and show you how easy it is to kick off your first Giving Tuesday fundraising campaign. 

Why Use Classy for Your Giving Tuesday Campaign?

1. You Can Get Started in 30 Minutes

This is the busiest time of the year for many nonprofit professionals, and we know time is of the essence when it comes to fundraising. This is especially true during year-end and leading up to Giving Tuesday, when nonprofits all appeal for donations at the same time. 

Luckily, there are very few barriers to entry for getting set up on Classy. Within 30 minutes from entering the free sign up page, you can have your account set up, complete with a payment processor, so that you’re ready to create your first campaign and start accepting donations. 

classy sign up page
Step two of the sign up flow.

Once your Classy account is set up, you can create your first campaign in no time. In fact, if you have your copy, logo, and images ready to plug in, our team estimates you can set up a crowdfunding page in 30 minutes. We provide ready-made campaign layouts, so in less than an hour, you can go from having no Giving Tuesday campaign to a customized, professionally designed fundraising page raking in donations. 

Across all campaign types, the Classy donation checkout form has a 28% conversion rate. However,  you can also customize the content on your donation page to give donors the best possible user experience. For example, we suggest using compelling and straightforward copy to build on your ask but not distract a donor who already intends to give. These small tweaks can help make the most of every visitor who enters the donation form page. 

Once you customize the content of your pages and optimize your donation form, then you can leverage the advanced designer to update the colors, edit images, and more. 

2. Put Your Brand First With Customizable Design

People don’t donate their hard-earned cash because a campaign page looks good—but it helps to have an easy to use, clean, and well-designed fundraising page. In our consumer giving report, Why America Gives, we found that the donation experience plays a significant role in a donor’s level of trust in an organization, as well as their likelihood to give. In fact, 53% of consumers prefer to give electronically, whether on a computer or mobile device. 

When your online fundraising presence mirrors your nonprofit’s brand, you’re giving your donors a seamless transition from your website to your donation page. This consistent branding helps build trust because your donors immediately know their donation is going to the right organization. 

giving tuesday crowdfunding campaign on classy

The best part of Classy’s customizable designer is that it’s fully self-service so you don’t have to get in touch with Classy support to swap out logos, colors, or hero photos. 

Pro Tip: Make sure to leverage Giving Tuesday in your title, description, and branding for your Giving Tuesday campaign. Recent Classy analysis found that including “Giving Tuesday” in a campaign’s name led to almost three times the amount of total fundraising revenue. 

3. Save Time With a Streamlined Process

You can create your fundraising campaigns, run reports, and manage donors all within Classy Manager. We’ve recently rebuilt the Classy Manager infrastructure to sort, filter, search, and run reports faster than ever before. We also restructured the navigation to give greater visibility into what really matters to the nonprofit team members who use it every day. 

Creating reports is simple and straightforward, and we even provide report templates that cover campaign and event management, supporter management, and transactions. Within each report, you can search, segment, and filter hundreds of data points such as transaction date, supporter type, and more. 

Additional features include the ability to send automated, real-time receipts, and set up progress-triggered engagement emails for fundraisers. You can even work ahead to build out emails for different categories such as receipts, supporter notifications, milestone emails, and thank yous in the email dashboard in Classy Manager. 

With a set of emails written in advance, you can save precious time during the height of your campaign—particularly during a busy time of year like year-end or on Giving Tuesday—so that you can simply hit send. Another time-saving feature is the ability to set up automatic triggers to send emails at specific events, such as hitting 50% of your goal. 

4. Anyone Can Design a Beautiful Campaign

Not only is the design of your campaign fully in the control of your nonprofit team, but there’s no need for a graphic designer to create a stunning page. Our product was created with ease of use in mind, and since we know that having an in-house graphic designer isn’t always an option, we built in features that make designing a beautiful campaign page effortless. 

For example, at different steps in the customization process, we suggest file types and sizes that will work best in that location on the page. There’s also a preview of how your hero image (the background photo near the top of the page) will look on mobile or tablet. This allows you to immediately see if you need to edit the photo, rather than waiting until the campaign is done to see how it’ll look.

classy campaign image editor

If you need a little more help, we have thorough resources in our support center complete with step-by-step GIFs. So even if you aren’t technically savvy, you will be able to create a beautiful campaign.

5. Save Money by Trying Our Pay As You Go Plan

Just as it’s important to make the most of each team member’s time, it’s even more important to find the right platform at the right price point. If your organization is working on a limited budget, the pay as you go plan allows you to sign up with Classy and publish one live campaign at a time, with no upfront cost, no commitment, and no subscription fee. 

Your nonprofit can also take advantage of donor-covered fees to allow your donors to cover the nominal processing fee on top of their gifts. In fact, when available, donors choose to cover transaction fees 55% to 60% of the time. When donor covered fees is on by default (an option you control), then 75% to 85% of donors elect to cover transaction fees.


6. Easily Transition Into a Year-End Campaign

If you’re currently on another fundraising platform and want to take Classy for a test drive, this is the time to do it. Since you can only have one live campaign at one time with pay as you go, we suggest you have content and assets ready for year-end so that the day after Giving Tuesday you can swap out some copy and branding and unite your efforts in one campaign. 

By using the same campaign page you can leverage the power of social proof. New donors will see that you have already made progress on your campaign and thanks to the goal-proximity effect, they’ll be more inclined to make a donation. The cherry on top is that having one campaign page is easier than creating two campaigns at the time of year when your time is at a premium.

Get Started With Classy for Giving Tuesday

You have a lot of options when it comes to choosing the right online fundraising software, but these are just a few of the features that make Classy stand out from the rest. There’s no commitment and no risk in signing up, but if you’re still on the fence about creating your first campaign, here are a few more tips on how to reach success with Classy on Giving Tuesday:

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