Creative Fundraising Idea: #Selfies for Good by the World Food Programme

World food program banner on a boat

Remember when Peter Dunn raised over $40,000 on Twitter for a nonprofit in his community? Well, Twitter strikes again! Here is an awesome creative fundraising idea, currently in progress by the World Food Programme, that utilizes real time events, pop culture and social media to generate buzz (and money) for a great cause.

#DoGood at SXSW

This week, one of the hottest and most well-known festivals in the world is taking place in Austin, Texas. South by South West (SXSW) brings together tech, music and art for a whirlwind of talks, breakout sessions, performances, and exhibits.

No doubt, people attending the conference are taking selfies at concerts, in conference halls and probably even in hotel bathrooms. Selfies are, by now, a pop culture phenomenon and the prevalence of the activity, especially when people attend big events and festivals, make it a great way to turn an act of “selfiness” into one of selflessness.

Mastercard is sponsoring the initiative at SXWW, donating $5 for every selfie taken and tweeted with the hashtag #dogood. Every $5 provides a month of school meals for a hungry child through a WFP program.

Hunter Biden, the Board Chair of the WFP USA said, “66 million students across the developing world go to school hungry every day. With MasterCard’s support, your selfie can be selfless and give a child in need school meals for a month with the United Nations World Food Programme.”


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