Digital Marketing Terms: A Glossary for Nonprofits

Digital Marketing Terms Glossary

In an age where people spend more than eight hours a day consuming media, it’s clear that your nonprofit needs to build its online presence and develop a digital marketing strategy to get in front of supporters. This involves thoughtful planning and testing around social media engagement, email campaigns, digital advertising, and other marketing channels and tactics to learn how to best reach your audience.

But in order to find your footing in the digital marketing world, you need to speak the lingo.

What exactly is an application programming interface (API)? Or an inbound link? What’s the difference between a white paper and an ebook? Or between drip campaigns and lead nurture tracks? (Wait, is there a difference?)

When you can easily answer these questions, you can develop the confidence and know-how to build a first-class digital marketing strategy. That’s why we’ve created this Digital Terms Glossary for Nonprofits to help you get started.

Download it now to brush up on digital marketing terms and break down industry jargon.

Digital Marketing Terms Glossary for Nonprofits


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