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hurricane irma

Editor’s Note: This post is being updated as the storm continues. 

After wreaking havoc in Florida, Irma—now a tropical depression—flooded Georgia and moved into South Carolina. At least three deaths have been caused in Georgia and South Carolina by uprooted trees falling on limbs. As of Monday, Irma has moved about a hundred miles south of Atlanta.

Millions of people in Georgia and Florida, as well as hundreds of thousands in South Carolina, remain without power. Parts of these states remain flooded. This phase of disaster response requires more resources than ever. The following Classy partners are mobilizing to deliver resources and supplies and need your support.

How You Can Help

Click the name of the organization to learn more about them or donate directly to their Irma relief efforts.

United Nations Development Programme

United Nations Development Programme works to end poverty and reduce inequalities and exclusion around the world. The organization is preparing and delivering supplies to affected families in the area.

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Elevating Christian Ministries

Elevating Christian Ministries improves nutrition, education, and economic opportunity in developing countries. They are delivering food kits and tarps for shelter to impacted families.

Donate Now protects people, pets, and the planet. The organization is coordinating with its partners in Haiti who are working to protect families and children from the potential impact of Irma, and it has mobilized resources for those already affected by the hurricane.

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Cooperative Baptist Fellowship

The Cooperative Baptist Fellowship helps people apply their faith through ministry efforts, global missions, and a community of support. The organization is mobilizing disaster relief efforts.

Donate Now provides classroom materials to teachers. They are delivering support to teachers and students impacted by the hurricane.

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Convoy of Hope

Convoy of Hope is a faith-based organization that’s feeding the world through children’s feeding initiatives, community outreaches, and disaster response. They are providing ongoing relief to the areas that need it most.

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Feeding Children Everywhere

Feeding Children Everywhere activates people to build a hunger-free world. They are raising funds to support those impacted by the hurricane.

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Samaritan’s Purse

Samaritan’s Purse is a faith-based organization providing spiritual and physical support to people in need around the world. The organization is mobilizing resources for disaster relief.

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The Last Straw Inc.

The Last Straw Inc. raises awareness of the dangers of texting and driving. They are raising funds to purchase Visa, American Express, and Mastercard gift cards for the families impacted by Hurricane Irma.

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TECHO is present in Latin America and the Caribbean, and it seeks to overcome poverty in slums. The organization is working with community leaders, local volunteers, and their networks to deliver resources where needed most.

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The Ocean Foundation

The Ocean Foundation supports and strengthens the organizations that help reverse destruction of ocean environments around the world. They are working to restore seagrass and habitat for sea turtles, manatees, and other species, as well as provide other resources to mitigate effects of climate change.

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Photo Credit: CNN

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