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Published November 1, 2022 Reading Time: 2 minutes

LinkedIn isn’t just for building your network, driving traffic, or meeting your next hire. Donors use the platform to research organizations and discover donation and volunteer opportunities—and we have the data to prove it.

Classy’s latest platform data shows that LinkedIn is the highest-converting social media platform for nonprofits. In addition, LinkedIn for Nonprofits reveals that LinkedIn members are 56% more likely than the average internet user to donate to a nonprofit.

That means your audience is on LinkedIn, and engaging them to support your cause is easier than you might think. To help you build meaningful connections with your supporters, we joined forces with LinkedIn for Nonprofits to conduct a joint report. We surveyed 1,000 US donors with active LinkedIn accounts to glean insights that’ll help you better understand how your nonprofit can use the channel to build donor relationships.

According to our new joint report, 71% of surveyed donors follow at least one nonprofit organization on LinkedIn, and 28% visit the app (on mobile or desktop) daily. Potential donors use LinkedIn frequently—and we want to help you learn how to engage with them.

Read the Joint Report

Below, we’ll show you a few donor engagement strategies we found based on insights from the report.

Use LinkedIn to Build Connections and Drive Donor Engagement

Your potential donors are on LinkedIn, and they’re already searching for nonprofits to support. According to our joint report, 42% of respondents use LinkedIn to research companies or organizations, and 26% discover donation opportunities on LinkedIn.

Complete Your Company Page

To help donors find your nonprofit, you’ll need a LinkedIn Company Page—but don’t stop there. Donors ranked having a complete, up-to-date LinkedIn Page as the most important factor motivating them to donate to a nonprofit. 

Complete your LinkedIn Page with the details donors need to find donation and volunteer opportunities and learn more about your organization. Then, keep your LinkedIn Page accurate and up to date by reviewing your content and details at least quarterly.

Share Relevant Content

Regularly post relevant content for your supporters on your LinkedIn Page. After all, family members and friends are the most impactful relationships in donor decision-making—that means your supporters will have a better chance of engaging your target audience than your LinkedIn Company Page. So encourage your supporters (e.g., employees, donors, and volunteers) to share on your behalf to spread awareness and drive donor engagement.

Streamline Giving

Our survey found that having a Give button on your LinkedIn Company Page is one of the most important factors in motivating a donor to donate. Make it clear and easy for donors to donate to your nonprofit and find volunteer opportunities by taking advantage of your call-to-action button at the top of the page. Then, provide links to donation pages and share events where volunteers can get involved.

Find More Donors on LinkedIn

How likely are donors on LinkedIn to post about a cause they care about, and what’s the best way to reach out to them on the platform? Should you focus your efforts around major giving days, and how you can boost your odds of showing up on your followers’ feeds?

We had the same questions, so that’s what we asked respondents in our joint report with LinkedIn for Nonprofits. 

Read The Donor Engagement Report: How Nonprofits Can Build Meaningful Connections on LinkedIn to find the insights you need to make data-backed decisions. Our joint report provides data from our survey and donor engagement strategies to help you put them to good use. 

Visit the New Report
linkedin for nonprofits: the complete checklist

How Nonprofits Build Meaningful Connections on LinkedIn

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