9 Email Templates for Your Annual Nonprofit Communications

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The top three communications goals for the average nonprofit are: engaging the community, brand building and reputation management, and raising awareness to educate people on the cause, according to the 2018 Nonprofit Communication Trends Report. In order to achieve all three of these goals, you need a holistic communications plan that will balance your appeals with donor delight and appreciation.

To that end, you likely already have a cadence for annual campaign appeals and cornerstone events, but not for the softer touchpoint emails. It’s critical, however, that you reach out to your constituents more often with varied messages—to share progress, celebrate milestones, say thank you, and more—in order to strengthen these relationships and build donor loyalty.

To help get you started, we created the following guide:

9 Creative Email Templates for Your Nonprofit Annual Communication Plan

Included is a set of nine email templates that you can use throughout the year, as well as best practices to create an effective, balanced communication plan that will strengthen your connection with donors and ultimately lead to increased donations and donor retention.

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