Facebook Launches Direct Donation Feature

What is the Facebook Donate feature?

You might remember seeing donate buttons on Facebook during the immediate aftermath of Typhoon Haiyan, when the social networking giant partnered with the International Federation of Red Cross to amplify relief efforts. Well, yesterday, Facebook rolled out an extension of this, in a feature called Donate, which allows users to donate to a nonprofit directly from a button on the organization’s Facebook page and on its shared posts. Users can also share the posts of organizations they support so their friends can donate too.

Donate allows users to choose a dollar amount and directly enter their payment information, which will be stored on Facebook for future purchases or donations. If you begin accepting donations via Donate, make sure to tell donors to ensure their e-mail address registered with Facebook is up-to-date, because any receipts for tax purposes will be sent there.

In an official statement announcing the roll out, Facebook stated,

Donate also gives nonprofits an easier way to reach out and ask for help, both to support their everyday mission and in the wake of major disasters. And, with a community of over one billion people on Facebook, every local cause can become a global one — and every global cause can become a personal movement.

Currently, only a handful of organizations are Facebook partners eligible to receive donations, but the company is asking more nonprofits to join. Find out more about Donate here and then fill out the interest form here.

There has been some question in the past about whether or not Facebook is actually good for fundraising (try here or here), but there is no doubt the conversation will be reignited given the new Donate feature.  What do you think about the new Facebook Donate? Will this be useful to your organization? Will it change the face of fundraising?

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