16 Free Email Templates for Giving Tuesday Through Year-End

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Giving Tuesday is a powerhouse giving day, but since 29% of donation volume on Classy occurs from Giving Tuesday through December 31, the weeks following are just as important. To make sure your nonprofit is maximizing the opportunity of the entire giving season, we created 16 email templates that will help you craft an efficient email marketing strategy for Giving Tuesday through year-end. 

Free Download: Email Templates for Giving Tuesday Through Year-End

This guide provides an easy-to-follow communications timeline paired with the corresponding templates for each recommended send. We also share tips on creating calls-to-action, including graphics, formatting, and more that your team can leverage to build the perfect email series.

The emails are divided into two segments. The first is made up of donors who already donated during your Giving Tuesday campaign (and thereafter). The second segment includes those who have not yet made a gift to either your Giving Tuesday or year-end campaign.

email templates for year end fundraising

With this guide in your arsenal, your team can create a year-end email strategy that retains newly-acquired donors, stewards existing supporters, and brings in donations during the most opportune fundraising season.

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