16 Free Email Templates to Retain Crisis Donors

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retain crisis donors
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When a crisis strikes, like a natural disaster, man-made disaster, or the recent COVID-19 pandemic, your nonprofit needs to move quickly whether you’re mobilizing direct relief efforts or raising emergency funds to sustain operations. You also need to move quickly in order to engage and retain the influx of donors who turn out to support your cause, mission, and work.

During times of crisis, many nonprofits see both new donors support their organization alongside returning one-time and long-term donors. However, you must remember that these donors are primarily giving due to external circumstances and not necessarily because they’re passionate about your nonprofit.

That thought directly influences your retention efforts, especially when it comes to the way you write your email communications. To help navigate these times of crisis, we designed 16 free email templates that will help your nonprofit engage, rally, and retain crisis donors when you need them most.

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retain crisis donors

The templates cover thank you emails, re-engagement opportunities, recurring donation asks, and more. Use them to:

  • Retain crisis donors for future fundraising efforts
  • Identify and understand the types of donor you’ll engage with during times of crisis
  • Nurture deeper levels of support beyond the first one-time gift
  • Forge genuine, lasting relationships with crisis donors

Download Your Free Templates Right Now


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