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This Friday and Saturday, StayClassy will be hosting the CLASSY Awards, a weekend-long experience that celebrations the champions of social progress. A large part of the weekend is devoted to the Collaborative, which brings together social leaders and influencers from a variety of sectors to discuss everything from innovative solutions to the world’s most pressing problems to new technologies to the future of fundraising. [For more information on the CLASSY Awards weekend, click here. ]In light of these exciting events, I am forgoing the Weekly Round Up and, instead, focusing on a collection of articles I’ve enjoyed about innovation, social impact and new technologies in the nonprofit sector. Please share your own “suggested readings” in our comments or by Tweeting at us @StayClassySD!

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Collective Impact
From the Standford Social Innovation Review, on why social progress requires collaboration.

Become a Company That Questions Everything
From the Harvard Business Review, on why asking questions is fundamental to success, growth and longevity.

Cracking the Code on Social Impact
From the Skoll World Forum, on the newly unveiled Impact Genome Project.

Does the Secret to Measuring Social Impact Lie in Algorithmic Data
From the Guardian, an in depth look at the Impact Genome Project

Mosquitos are Smart, We Have to be Smarter
From Bill Gates, on innovations in health and medicine.

Ambition to Audacity: Takeaways from the 2014 Skoll World Forum
From Stanford Social Innovation Review: inspiring at best, throughtprovoking and imperative at worst.

In Defense of the Handout
From Foreign Policy, on conditional cash transfers.

The War Against Landmines
From the Huffington Post, on using giant rats to detect land mines (and TB).

5 Reasons Poverty Porn Empowers the Wrong Person
From, on the role of poverty imagery in nonprofit messaging.
Access to Mobile Technology Spurs Social Entrepreneurship in Africa
From the Guardian, on the role of mobile technology in providing new opportunities.

CGIAR Case Study – Using ODK
From Open Data Kit (ODK), on why online data collection tools improve program success.

The Re-Emerging Art of Funding Innovation
The Stanford Social Innovation Review, on the resurgent gusto to find innovative solutions to social problems.

Accelerating Global Development Through Effective Partnerships
From Impatient Optimists (Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation), on the solving the world’s greatest challenges through strategic partnerships.

Introducing: The Social Progress Imperative
The Social Progress Imperative aims to measure social progress through very contextualized indicators.

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